Bubblews Is A Scam!!

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So I have been on Bubblews for a very long time. I use to spend hours upon hours dedicated to writing for them but I want to let you know that they are a scam! They payed me once but it took 40 days for me to get my payment! Why would anyone want to work for a site that pays you once every month and a half?!

My last payment still hasn’t come and probably never will. It has been almost 2 months since I redeemed. They don’t even have the time to respond to my emails. Because there so busy? No I don’t think so they just don’t understand how to run a company very well. And besides who in there right mind would want to work for a company that forgets to pay you and doesn’t even tell you what is going on? Would you go to a 9 to 5 with the promise of a payment for your hard work and yet have the money that you earned up in the air if you are going to get it or when? I don’t think so! And no one deserves to be treated like that!

Its not because there busy or overwhelmed with payments to deal with. There are thousands of people who have reported not getting paid from bubblews. They do pay sometimes but for the company its a great way to rip people off because thousands upon thousands of people contribute to there website in the hopes that they will pay. I’m here to tell you don’t waist your time. I would much rather stick to blogjob they pay within 2 hours and there aren’t any blogging limits of any kind.

Bubblews has a great scam going and they take advantage of many writers and rip off many more simply because they can’t afford to pay everyone and they want to make even more and what better way to do it then pay sometimes and not other times?! You can say there great and have payed you but bottom line is there not the best blogging site out there. Be careful with them if you decide to risk working for a scam site.

6 thoughts on “Bubblews Is A Scam!!

  1. Thank you for the information. I think you are right .

    • @Jordana they really are! They do pay…. sometimes imagine going into work and your boss saying oh guess what you worked 4 weeks this month I’m only going to pay you for 1 of those weeks and I’ll pay you sometime within a few months but oh hey I’m super busy dealing with customers and stuff. Ya thats its I’m overwhelmed so I can’t pay you for a long while or even talk to you and tell you whats going on. Yeap I’d continue going to that job forever lol.

    • Thanks Sadie. 🙂

      • Your welcome @captain ya people say oh I have spent years on there and gotten paid. Who would want to wait several months for a payment? And many thousands even have said that they don’t pay. Unless thousands of people are lying including myself lol they don’t pay. Its a great scam they have going thousands have believed in them only to be burnt in the worst way possible. So glad that there is blogjob!!

  2. I see. That is the reason why I stay here on Blogjob but sad to say I am not good into writing and I have many lapses in my grammar. That is my big problem. If I am confident, I could write many things on my blog. 🙁

  3. @Captain awe no worries keep on trying to blog away on here. I myself am not the best with grammar and I am sure I have grammar errors sometimes. Is English your second language? For me its my first and only yet I still make some errors now and again. If you are having issues you hide it well! I haven’t noticed a thing at all!!

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