Blogs That I Am Going To Write


I have so much writing to do today I still can’t believe it. I hope that I can manage to get it all done! I need 42 more blog posts after this one to get to 10,000 points and a total of 242 blog posts to go to get to my goal of 20,000 points. I have a great deal to do any hope that I can get that much done within 10 days or so. Today this is my 14th blog post and I am hoping to write a minimum of 20 blog posts for tonight. So at least six more to go tonight after this one. I have come up with ideas on the topics that I plan on writing about and here there are and what I plan on writing.


  • Feelings That I am currently dealing with and how I am handling them.
  • A letter to my 4 year old self and promises that I plan on making to my childhood self now.
  • A letter to my future self how I feel now and what I plan on doing to help myself for a better future.
  • Another letter to my new ex, Brian and the feelings that I am feeling now as well as things that I would never say but am currently thinking.
  • Letter to my Ex Brandon so I can deal with and overcome that past relationship.
  • I want to write a letter to my niece Arabella and talk about how much I love and care about here, how I am here for her and what I hope for her as well as how proud I am of her.
  • Want to write a letter to my Mom about some of my feelings on our relationship and try to deal with them and maybe hopefully heal as well.
  • I would like to write a letter to my future children and how I will help them and what I want to do for them and promises that I will make to them.


2 thoughts on “Blogs That I Am Going To Write

  1. An I believe I also better upload som images etc. to get starting cashing in.

    • I agree with you there!! Think I am going to do that too!! 😉

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