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I feel a tad bit overwhelmed at how much blogging that I have to do in such a short amount of time. I am trying to get to 20,000 points on Blogjob as fast as possible. and need over 200 more blog posts to get to that point. Came up with several ideas of what I am going to blog about. Here are some of my blogs that are coming up.


  • Life Lessons and things that I have learned about life as well as things that I am working on now.
  • My Coworkers at my job who they are and what I know about them right now.
  • My Family all about my family members, who they are my relationship with them and there personalities.
  • A review on Ben And Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream what it is like and what I thought about this flavor of ice cream
  • Dentist and Orthodontist and my current dental health and what I am doing and plan to do to take care of my teeth.
  • Health Care and how I am about to lose my current health care and what I plan on doing about it and how I am going to deal with this in less then 2 weeks time.
  • Passive Income how you can make a passive income and the ways that I am making a passive income and how I plan on creating more of a passive income in my life.
  • My week and what has been going on and what it will look like for this upcoming week.
  • Song Lyrics to a song that I like and all about it as well as how I feel about those lyrics and I might share a video to the song as well.
  • My Dreams And goals that I have right now and the things that I wish to obtain very soon.

6 thoughts on “Blogs That Are Coming Up

  1. This is tough for me Sadie. 200 blogs. 😀

    • @Captain yes now I need a total of 245 to reach my goal. Doubting that I could do that much in a single day but hopefully within 2 weeks I will be able to. 😉

  2. even as you say it I am having a weak heart

  3. Awe @Dick don’t become discouraged because of that. It isn’t as tough as it sounds!

  4. i there are some great blog posts!

  5. that side ad is kind of annoying on your blog.

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