Blog Posts That Are Coming Soon

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I currently am trying to to 20,000 points in as little time as I possibly can so that I am able to redeem soon and have the money to pay bills and take care of things. As it stands after this blog post I would need 248 more to reach that goal. So I came up with several different ideas on what I want to blog about. I still have well over 100 more blog topics to come up with but here are some of the blogs subjects that I plan on writing about very soon.


  • A Fake it till you make it daily update on my faking it till I make it plan for success and the current progress that I am making.
  • A list of things that today has brought me that I am thankful for.
  • The status of my current Perk TV Farm and what I am doing with it to make myself even more money.
  • How I am making money using Swagbucks and Swagbucks TV and how others can do the same thing.
  • Ways to make even more money with your blog. Suggestions on how you can increase your income with your blog so that you can make even more each month from blogging.
  • I would like to share a blog post that includes a video of me dancing from my Youtube Channel and write a little bit about dancing as well.
  • I want to share some more quotes and sayings and how I feel about each one of them.
  • I would like to tell everyone about my experience getting a psychic reading as well as what they told me at that reading.
  • I plan on writing about what Auras are as well as what colors mine are and what that means.
  • My Past Life about who I was in prior lives before this one.


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