Bleeding When Pregnant



Perhaps one of the scariest issue a pregnant girl can experience is vaginal bleeding. Miscarriage is an unfortunate and common thing when it comes to  pregnancy. It is important to seek medical attention right away when you experience any kind of bleeding during your pregnancy. While it is always advised that pregnant women have an obstetrician chosen to care for their emergency visits, it is also important to know the reasons why you could be bleeding during your pregnancy. Nothing puts a girl’s mind at ease with the reasons as to why she may notice pink in her panties during  any of the stages of a pregnancy.

If you experience vaginal bleeding during your pregnancy,  try not to let it worry you. It’s likely that you’more or less experiencing nothing of concern with your pregnancy. Worry can increase the risk to you or to your baby, so attempt to relax and look for advice with the important facts before calling your doctor.Remember that doctors and hospitals can be stressful and that really can be bad for the baby as well as you too during the pregnancy. Try researching all of the possible reasons behind your bleeding before seeking medical attention. Of course I would highly recommend at least calling your doctor to make sure that there isn’t a serious problem but at the same time you can find out more so that you don’t have to be living with the fear of what the bleeding during your pregnancy could mean.

What is the color of the bleeding and should you be concerned?

Pink (You probably shouldn’t  be worried).
Brown (It’s older blood Call your doctor and try not to be concerned)
Red (Call your doctor right away. You really should be checked!)

Make sure that you call your doctor no matter what so they can advise you on what to do.





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