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Everyday I try to make at least 10 dollars a day blogging on Blogjob. I haven’t been writing as much as I normally do so I now need to get caught up with 129 dollars and 40 cents. After this blog I plan on writing at least 12 more blog posts. I was trying to brainstorm some ideas on what I can blog about. Here is what I came up with.


  1. EI Professional Makeup school. I plan on blogging about the professional makeup school out in Hollywood that I graduated from. I am going to write about that school and my experience with them.
  2. Wanelo. I plan on writing a blog about the site Wanelo and what they offer.
  3. Sverve. About the website and the benefits to bloggers as well as my experience with them.
  4. Adfly. What this link shortening website is all about and how it can greatly benefit your blog or website.
  5. Social Engagement Project on Blogjob. How you earn that award and what you get from it.
  6. Paleo Diet Recipe. I want to share a great recipe for a dish for Paleo Dieters to use.
  7. Business Partner Project. How you can get that award on blogjob and what you need to do to get it as well as the various business options that you can join to get the award and how it helps you having your own business.
  8. Belly dancing and what it is about and I will also include a video from my Youtube channel of me belly dancing so people can learn more about this ancient art.
  9. Tips On Improving as a blogger. A blog post that offers tips so bloggers can improve their blogging skills and gain more exposure to their blog.
  10. Hello Kitty. I love Hello Kitty it is a world wide phenomenon and I want to share the history behind it.

Those are just some of the blogs that I will have for you to read about coming soon today. I hope that you will enjoy them.


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