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Bubblews is a unique blogging website that pays you to blog. You get one cent on each post that you create for each like, view and comment that you receive on each blog post. You are only allowed a limit of ten blog posts in a 24 hour time frame. You have a bank that keeps track of how much you have earned on bubblews. Once you get 50 dollars in your bank you can redeem to get payed to your PayPal account. The down side to payment is that it takes a really long time to get paid. They say to give them 30 days to clear your payment. I have been on there for a little over a month and have been able to redeem twice on there. I now have a little over $10 in my bank and have spent less time on there because payment takes so long to arrive. My first redemption took a couple days longer then 30 days to get to my PayPal account. They payed with an Echeck so Paypal took off a little more then a dollar for processing fees. I still have to wait 3 to 5 days for the funds to clear and get in my account and once I request a deposit from Paypal into my account it will take 3 to 5 days to arrive into my bank account. I prefer using blogjob as I have already redeemed three times in less then a months time for $100 each time and the payment took less then 12 hours to get to my Paypal account and the last time it only took less then 2 hours. On Bubblews if you have followers only about 5 to 10 percent will interact with each post. I have about 2000 followers and often times make $1 or less per post. On Blogjob it is a little different. You get paid to comment and socialize on other bloggers activities. You also get 50 cents per post no mater what. On blogjob you also can place ads on your website and monetize your blog to earn even more. Bubblews you can write about anything as long as it is 400 characters long. There not quite as serious about blogging on there. On here you have to write at least 300 words per blog and it has to be something interesting that appeals to readers. The great thing about that is it increases your chance of gaining more views and making more money if you use ads or monetize your blog. Bubblews doesn’t allow you to use any kind of referral links at all while on blogjob you can. Bubblews is free to join as well as Blogjob. I prefer blogjob for blogging and earning money. If you want to find out more about blogjob you can do so by going here:

7 thoughts on “Review On Bubblews

  1. I wish we got paid to refer. Have you tried the other on just like it? You can check out my link. It is just like them but you can cash out quicker.

    • Really there is another like it? Been trying to find one. I will check it out now. Thanks @Kimberly_Brown

      • You are very welcome yes you only need 5.00 to cash out there. 🙂

        • Thats so cool! Have you cashed out yet on there? I always worry about getting paid @Kimberly_Brown

          • No I have not but do know people that have cashed out on there many times. That is why I write over there when I can. You also get points for reffering others.

  2. Sweet that’s awesome I will have to join! How does it work? @Kimberly_Brown

  3. It is the same as Bubblews but it does have coins instead of cash balance and the coins are then added up for a balance. You get likes, friends but you do have to be approved. Check out the site and sign up and wait like a day to be approved. This is site is real and they are way better in my eyes than bubblews. @Sadiemarie

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