Millennium Dance Complex

Millennium Dance Complex


Millennium Dance Complex is one of the top professional dance studios located in the Los Angeles area of California. They are known world wide as being one of the top dance studios in the country. They have some of the best dance instructors out there. A lot of there dance teachers are also choreographers for world famous people and they work on big projects. Millennium Dance Complex has a great deal of A list celebrities that come to train at their studio. Their studio is located in the NoHo art district of Northern Hollywood in California. There main studio is on Lankershim Blvd. They also have a franchise program for qualified dance studios to open their own Millennium Dance Complex. They also now have other locations in, Salt Lake City, UT, in Texas, Pittsburgh, Pa, and a location in Tokyo Japan. They offer the best dance education that you can get anywhere. When you train at Millennium Dance Complex just taking one dance class improves you as a dancer the same amount as if you were training for months at other studios.  They offer several different kids of classes that you can take and offer classes for beginners to master classes for the more advanced dancer. Some of the classes that they offer include, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz Funk, tap, breaking, dance hall, house, popping, locking, and even voice lessons. They offer classes for adults as well as children. Classes cost $15 for a single class or a little bit less per class for a book of classes that allow you to take a number of different classes. They even offer a special membership for LA residents to take unlimited classes for $275.  I would highly recommend that any dancer tries to dance at least once at Millennium Dance Complex. Here is a video from David Moore’s Dance class:



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