Hip Hop GoGo Dancing


GoGo dancers dance to lots of different kinds of music. It is wise to be able to dance to any genre of music if you want to be a professional dancer. GoGo dancing can be combined with other forms of dancing as a fusion using mostly GoGo dance moves along with other types of dance moves borrowed from different styles of dance. I love GoGo dancing and Hip Hop dance as well. Dancing as any skill requires a great deal of practice to improve at. I try to practice dancing as much as possible. Here is a video of me practicing GoGo dancing at home to Hip Hop music. I have fused my GoGo dancing with some Hip Hop movements as well to create some what of a GoGo Hip Hop Dance.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bbtEDJAn5Q]


There are many different forms of Hip Hop dancing. Some include, Lyrical Hip Hop dancing, break dancing, Popping, Locking and crumping. Hip Hop dance is often times performed to hip hop music. There is a rich history behind Hip Hop dance culture. I would recommend learning more about this great form of art. GoGo dancing is often times performed at clubs, shows, concerts and other types of events. GoGo dancers will dance to all different types of music. GoGo dancers will try to hype up the crowd and get them energized. There usually isn’t a planned dance routine for a GoGo dancer when they perform. Most GoGo dancers will just freestyle dance or make up there own dance putting in there own GoGo dance movements when they are performing for others. They will just dance to the rhythm of the music and add there own dance style to the mix. GoGo dancing has certain signature movements but GoGo dancers also add there own flavor and style of dance when they are dancing.



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