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GoGo Dancing is a type of dancing where the dancer dances on boxes  or on stage. Often times GoGo dancers will dance for clubs, shows and events. I am a GoGo dancer. I have been GoGo dancing for almost 3 years now. I manage and dance for a couple of different GoGo dance teams. We often will take dance videos of us dancing on stage or at an event. I am going to share one of my dance performances from my dance team. We were dancing for an electronic dance music type rave event that was done at a warehouse in Arvada, Colorado. We did that performance a couple of months ago. We were dancing in front of the DJ for the music mixes that he was making for the crowd. It was really a fun event. It was called CannaRave 2.0 It was the second year that they held the Cannarave event. They had one last year held in a warehouse in Denver, Colorado that I was also able to perform at as well. Here is the dance video of us performing at the event.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0ngUZQy5EQ]


The name of my GoGo dance team that I manage and dance for is Bass Kittens. Bass Kittens have been a team for several years now. I have been a member of the dance team for almost 2 years and have been managing it along with my other manager, Heather. We often times book shows and set up practices and help run the team. It is a lot of work but it is very rewarding. Ali is the owner of the team. She wanted to retire from GoGo dancing and so she gave the duties of management of the team over to Heather and I. I am so happy that I am able to dance with the team and share my love of dancing with others. I am also so proud that I am able to manage the team it is such an honor.

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