Bizarre Products

There are a lot of strange and odd products out there. Some things that make you wonder why they even invented them. Other products are simply just plain weird. Today I am going to talk about some of the more bizarre products that are out on the market today.

Diet Coke With Bacon

diet coke with bacon Who doesn’t love the delicious flavor of bacon. There are a lot of big bacon fans out there. And coke is such a popular product. Why not add some extra flavor to your diet coke with bacon flavored diet coke. Your Diet Coke never tasted quite the same.


Baby Mop: 

baby mop Your baby just loves to crawl around the house. And you need to get some cleaning done. Its never easy to get those chores done when you have a baby to take care of. So why not combine the two and get your floor clean at the same time with the onesie for your baby. Multi-task and turn your baby into a mop. Your house will be so clean and your baby will have fun too.


Shave A Baby: 

shave a baby doll Speaking of babies here is a great baby doll that your kids will just love. What kid doesn’t enjoy playing with a baby doll? And Shaving can be so fun too. Why not let your child have the fun of both with the shave a baby doll toy. Your kids will have hours of fun shaving the baby. Because who doesn’t enjoy shaving a freakishly hairy doll?!


Squirrel Underpants: 

squirrel-underpants-l_0-neatarama-web1The life of a squirrel is never easy having to dart around collecting nuts in the cold. Why should those poor squirrels do it naked? They deserve some clothes too. And what better way to clothe those poor squirrels then with squirrel underpants. This is just what every squirrel needs.


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