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Turlock california


Turlock, California is my hometown. I was born in the neighboring town of Modesto, California and grew up and lived in Turlock, California. I spent 21 years living in the area and moved away to Southern California when I was 21 years old.

Turlock, California is a city that is located in Stanislaus County in California. Turlock is the second largest city in Stanislaus county after Modesto, California. It is located in the Central Valley of California. It is about an hour and a half north of Fresno, California and an hour and a half south of San Francisco, California.  Turlock is nestled in between the towns of Merced and Modesto, California.

Turlock is known for its agriculture. The city is surrounded by Orchards and dairy farms. The population of Turlock, California for 2014 was reported to be a little over 68,000 people. Turlock has mostly dry, and hot summers and wet, some what rainy winters. The Summers it gets hot but now that I live in Colorado I really miss the California mild winters.

The town is known for some well known people who have came from there. Quite a few professional Athletes and a couple of different actors.

Turlock is such a small town and there really isn’t much to do out there. The neighboring town of Modesto was once known as the Car Theft and Meth Capitals of the world. Modesto, California was on Forbes list of worst places to live in the united states. While I will always love my hometown of Turlock, California I am glad that I managed to get away from there. It will always be home but when I go back to visit I always see all the fields, and farms and just think of how there is nothing to do and what a small town that it really is. There have been new development since I have left almost 5 years ago but I will still always know that small town like the back of my hand.



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  1. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Your welcome thanks for taking the time to read it 😉

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