How To Make $100 On Blogjob in Just 10 Days

You can make 100 dollars on blogjob in as little as ten days. It takes you 10,000 points to be able to redeem for a 100 dollar payment on Blogjob. Here are some ways that you can earn those points and be able to redeem in as little as 10 days.

If you do everything that you are allowed to do per day you would earn about 400  points. Some things don’t have limits such as uploading photos, starting groups and forms, and making blog posts. So you can do those things as much as you would like to earn more points and get those 10,000 points even sooner then ten days. But it is possible to earn 300 dollars per month or more on blogjob.

Here are some of the ways you can earn 400 points a day.

Logging In:  You get 2 points for logging out and back in everyday. Don’t forget to do it. Those points really add up.

Wall updates: You can update your wall 25 times per day and get 3 points each time that you do it. That is a total of 75 points you can earn every day.

Wall Like: You can also earn 10 points every day for liking your friends wall updates and various activities on there wall.

You can also earn 75 points for new comments on a friends wall. and 75 for commenting on someone’s form topic as well as by commenting in groups and on blog posts. All get you a total of 75 points.

You get one point for joining groups and ten for starting one I would recommend starting at least one per day if you can.

You also can get 3 points for each new form topic that you start. Its great to start at least one per day.

And each blog post earns you 50 points. If you wrote 12 a day and earned all the max points otherwise you could then get 10,000 points or 100 dollars every ten days and make 300 dollars per month. That would be ten dollars or 1000 points everyday.


18 thoughts on “How To Make $100 On Blogjob in Just 10 Days

  1. That is a good guide and reminder to people like me. Thank you for this post.

    • Your very welcome. 12 posts is a lot per day but you can still aim for close to that & make at least a couple hundred per month! 🙂

  2. This is a great post, but I’m just wondering where you found the information about that there’s no limits on uploading photos? Is there no limit on how many times you can update your status?

    • I found it in the earn rewards section. It shows what you can do & the limits & how many points you get. You can get 75 points for updating but you can update more you just won’t get points. Uploading photos gets you one point & is unlimited on points you can earn.

  3. Thanks for the tips! Gonna give it a try! 🙂

  4. Thanks SadieMarie this is a great help especially to a newbie like me who is learning to navigate their way around here. I will use as many as the tips you have given as possible to earn the $100 dollars.

    • Your so welcome! I’ve redeemed 3 times now so it’s so possible to do that too!

  5. I must be missing something (very new here), but I thought there was a 150 point limit for each day. Please explain.

  6. Even if I do all of it, I have 150 points limit a day, it does not adds up anything.Only 150 points. I tried this one just today and it says that I already reached my minimum.

  7. waqsi4u

    Hi sadiemarie, I think now the things have changed quite a lot here and earnings are limited to 150 points a day. 🙁 Do u still have any idea on how to make 5k points per 10 days?

  8. It seems like a lot has changed since you wrote this. I wish I’d found this site earlier.

    • It has. Though through completing all projects you are able to make up to at least $28.50/day. So it is still possible to make $100 in under ten days. Plus you can make additional money by monetizing & with affiliate programs.

  9. thanks for sharing this valuable informations. I have to try this.

  10. Well i wish i can reach that amount and be able to have lots of ideas to start blogging.

  11. its really useful for me

  12. Hello. I do appreciate your information, however, can you write a new post stating how to make the $28 per day given that we are limited to 150 points please?

  13. You are an inspiration. Have you finished all of the projects that’s why you don’t have limits?

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