I like all different kinds of music. I enjoy Hip Hop music, pop music, Electronic dance music, techno, dubstep, rock, country even a little classical music every now and then. I like to listen to hits and music by indie artists. I am a big music lover. My boyfriend records music for a living. He also is in a rock band. I have gone to a ton of concerts with him mostly rock concerts and a couple of Metal concerts. He goes to a lot of his clients shows and he mainly records rock and some metal. He really isn’t a fan of Hip Hop or r and b or edm or anything like that. Most of his friends are rockers or metal heads lol. I always listen to music in the car. I mainly listen to Pandora but sometimes I will listen to something that I have purchased on my iTunes. I would love to be able to build up my music collection but even though it doesn’t cost very much I still have bills to pay and bills to catch up on so I can’t really afford too much extra really. I make less then I am suppose to. I love dancing to music and just feeling the vibe of the song and listing to the beats and having it flow through your whole entire body transforming it into movement. I try to diversify myself so I can dance to any genre of music. My dance team books a variety of shows often times. Sometimes we will do Regga shows or hip hop shows, rock shows even the occasional electronic dance music show so it is good to be able to dance to any kind of music. I struggle with being able to dance to rock music. Still trying to figure that out. I really think that dance and music really do go hand and hand.

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