Many More Hours to go

I still have to try to stay up for around 15 or 16 more hours. If I can even make it to 8 at night I think that I will be a happy camper. LOL. That is a good enough goal. I would be happy even if I managed to make it 12 more hours. I now need 2961 more points to make it to 10,000 if I’m up for at least 12 more hours mainly writing blog posts I know that I can do it. I need to make 14 more dollars and 63 more cents. If I just wrote blog posts I could do that in about 3 more hours. I would at least like to try to stay up until I can make that amount if nothing else. I am starting to feel kind of tired but not tired enough to just crash out. I still have a little more energy in me. I think that the coffee is helping some what but I have a feeling I am going to need to drink a whole lot more to even have some more energy several hours from now. I am starting to run out of things to do and I am getting exhausted writing. I have been writing over 14 hours now. Maybe even close to 15. And even with breaks that is so exhausting. I guess I could try to hang in there a little while longer but I am starting to wonder if I can do it. I think that I might take a break and play a game on my phone for a little while and then come back on and try to make even more points. I need to do something other then just smoking and I don’t even have the energy to be able to clean very much. So I will be back on soon.

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