Another Cup Of Coffee

On my second cup of coffee. Its now a little past 4 am here. I plan on trying to stay up until 10 pm. I now have a little more then 17 more hours to go. I hope that I can make it. Might take my meds a little early. They give me energy and I really need that about now. They help with the tiredness that I experience having fibromyalgia. I put my little birdie boy to bed lol. I moved his cage into my room and turned off the light. I am out in the living room now with all the lights on. I wanted my little guy to get some sleep so I figured being in a dark room would help him. The sun will probably be coming up around 5 am in less then an hour and he typically wakes up with the sun so I wanted him to get some rest. That kid doesn’t sleep when the lights are on. I wonder what he does when I leave early to stay at my boyfriends and leave a light on. I wonder if he stays up all night. I now need 17 more dollars and 50 more cents to have made 29 dollars for today. I am 3248 points away from having 10,000 points. I hope that I can get there tonight. If I don’t I am sure that I will get there by tomorrow. I hope that I can manage to stay up for at least 17 more hours or at least 16. I want to make it to the evening if nothing else. I have so many urges to take constant smoke breaks but I need to stop that. Maybe instead of smoking I can try cleaning a little. My place definitely needs some cleaning. I am hoping that this coffee will give me some energy or at least keep me up for as long as I need. Guess I’m going to need to make some more here pretty soon.

2 thoughts on “Another Cup Of Coffee

  1. Your meds might keep you up. I am so sleepy and so ready for my smoke and bed.

    • I’m glad that you made it! I’m beyond happy for you! You deserve a good nights rest! I hope that they do! I really need it ugh. Feeling some what sleepy but not tired enough to pass out just yet. Think I have at least a few good hours before I reach that point.

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