The Day

I just got back from my psychiatrist appointment. Luckily its pretty close by about 5 to ten minutes away. My appointment was suppose to be at 3 pm but I wasn’t seen until after 3:20. I am so exhausted I feel like I need a nap. After my appointment I stopped at the gas station and got some cigarettes I also got some cinnamon Mentos. Those are so hard to find lol. Then I stopped at Subway and got a meatball sub sandwich and some cookies. I am now home blogging and watching family guy. I was gone only about an hour and a half but it felt like an eternity. I am so glad I am back and able to blog and earn those points. I have a little more then 1300 points to have 10000 so I can redeem 100 dollars. I am hoping that I will be able to do it today but that is a lot of points so we will see. I still need 6 dollars and 35 cents to be able to redeem on bubblews. No more posts left for a few hours so hopefully I will be able to earn the rest tonight. It would be a shame if I came close but was just a dollar or two off. It seems like I am running out of good things to watch on Netflix. Family Guy isn’t bad but I like tv shows that I can really get into. I have been watching the next season of Parenthood on Hulu but I have to watch it on my computer and that takes away from my blogging time. And I have to blog for several hours to be able to earn as much as I do. I have made 20 dollars for today and need 16 more for tomorrow. Hopefully I can redeem both redemptions  today.

3 thoughts on “The Day

  1. I know the feeling

    • I have to say this site is addicting. Lol

      • It really is addictive and I have noticed you are on a ton at least every time I am. I see we both trying to make them points.

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