How To Live A Postive Life

Being positive has so many benefits for your life. It isn’t about being unrealistic but about being confident and believing in good. If you take time to write a gratitude list each and every day you will start to realize how blessed you really are. Spend time writing down ten things that you are grateful for and why you are glad those things are in your life. Write something new each and every day. Even if you struggle with coming up with something you could be thankful for your eyes to write your list or your ability to write it. It doesn’t matter how big or small the things on your list just take the time to appreciate the good in your life. It will make you feel so much better.  It takes time to start thinking positive if you are so use to negative thinking. It is like a habit and habits take time to break. But it is doable. Anytime you think of something negative try to reason with yourself why what you are thinking isn’t quite so bad and try to replace that negative thought with at least two other positive thoughts. This will take time at least 21 days of constant practice but if you keep at it this will become second nature to you. Try to imagine the things that you want in your life as if they were already here now. Believe that you can obtain what it is that you want and you will be able to reach that goal with the confidence and faith that you can. If you think negative its going to be such a challenge to get what it is that you want. Try implementing  positivity in your everyday life and you will truly be amazed at how much your life will change for the better. You are blessed and Life is meant to be good.

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