About Time Movie Pre-Review

  I saw the trailer for this movie last night as I was browsing at YouTube for the movie The Lunchbox. My first reaction, Rachel McAdams is in the film so I must watch this. I guess I will watch this one before watching The Lunchbox. This movie is about time traveling. There is a man called Tim and his… Read more →

Trying Out Chatabout (Pre-Review)

Chatabout is a forum discussion just like Mylot, but this site only requires 20 words to fill in your answer. It is like QNeedA also but you are not competing with the upvote and downvote. There might be a chance that someone will thumbs up your comments on the discussion, but you won’t get anything from that. Specifically, Chatabout is… Read more →

The Music of Simon and Garfunkel

One of my favorite band of all time is Simon and Garfunkel. These are American folk duo that composed of ┬áPaul Simon the singer and Art Garfunkel, the singer-songwriter. They are the band that popularized this songs, Sound of Silence, The Boxer, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Mr. Robinson and Bright Eyes. To be honest, these five songs are the songs… Read more →

Disliking HumFun?

HumFun is the newest Humanatic. Everyone will be permanently using it starting April 25. I will be saying goodbye to the old Humanatic that I used for less than 3 years. I love the old ones compared to HumFun. I only used HumFun when everyone was going gaga over leveling and earnings from that. The earnings were speed up during… Read more →

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