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Themes on Blogjob

My blogging activity was stopped because I was busy checking out some themes at WordPress. There are lots. Actually, I don’t know what to say from themes from WordPress or themes from Blogjob, correct me, please. It is hard to select one by one using mobile and to preview it, makes it hard on me, but what I love about… Read more →

Trying Out Chatabout (Pre-Review)

Chatabout is a forum discussion just like Mylot, but this site only requires 20 words to fill in your answer. It is like QNeedA also but you are not competing with the upvote and downvote. There might be a chance that someone will thumbs up your comments on the discussion, but you won’t get anything from that. Specifically, Chatabout is… Read more →

Got Paid by Mykites

  I got paid in Mykites. I remember cashing out after a month of being active and consistently posting 10 posts a day. I cashed out, I don’t remember the exact date, but that was after January 10, 2016. After a month, I followed up my payment and the admin told me that they are on the process of reviewing… Read more →

ClaimBTC pays!

ClaimBTC is a satoshi mining sites. The site is about earning through Bitcoins. I made my first cashout of 20000 Satoshi earlier, and in less than 5 minutes I have the pay on my Well, 20000 satoshis do not amount much. It only costs Php 3.61.  I will try to cash out bigger than that. Also, the amount of… Read more →

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