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My Happy Song Playlists

I looked like I followed certain Playlist with my Happy Song Playlists, actually, I did. I watched a certain video at at YouTube and followed their playlist. I have most of these songs on my playlists. All of the song on my Playlists are well loved, but specifically, these are my happy song. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the… Read more →

The Music of Simon and Garfunkel

One of my favorite band of all time is Simon and Garfunkel. These are American folk duo that composed of  Paul Simon the singer and Art Garfunkel, the singer-songwriter. They are the band that popularized this songs, Sound of Silence, The Boxer, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Mr. Robinson and Bright Eyes. To be honest, these five songs are the songs… Read more →

The Music of Chicago

The first song I heard from Chicago is the song Hard Habit To Break. It is playing during Friday Classic at 96.3 WRock, a local FM radio station here in the Philippines. Since then I learned a lot of songs coming from Chicago. I never thought that they had Peter Cetera as the main vocalists before. He even one of… Read more →

The Band Called Perry

I am LSS or Last Song Syndrome with the song that was introduced at Miss Universe 2015. While the Miss Universe Candidates was showcasing their long gown, The Band Called Perry is singing in the middle. Their song Live Forever attracts my ears so dearly and I should say this is a perfect song while the candidates are walking in… Read more →

The Music of Bread

I grow up listening to Bread. Bread is an American band that is all about mellow music. David Gates is one of the original members of this band. Band members are  David Gates, Robb Royer, Jimmy Griffin, Mike Botts from 1971. This band popularized these songs, Baby I’m a Want you, Goodbye Girl, Everything I own, Guitar Man, Lost Without… Read more →

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