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Health Benefits of Jute aka Saluyot

No need to inject collagen if you are eating Saluyot. Saluyot in Tagalog and other terms are jute, jute mallow, bush okra, Jew’s Mallow, West African sorrel. Saluyot is found mostly tropical country, like Asian countries. Here in the Philippines, we have lots of Saluyot growing. It is one of the staple food that produces a slimy consistency on a… Read more →

The Benefits of Ashitaba

  Ashitaba is a Japanese word, that means Leaf’s of Tomorrow. This is a herb that grows in the central region of Japan. I learned this one 2013, when Rated K, a Magazine program here in the Philippines featured this on one of their segment. From the segment, it tells about a certain neighbor that is chewing the leaf of… Read more →

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