Month: February 2016

The Intern Movie Review

The Intern movie is written and directed by Nancy Meyer. An American film that starts Robert De Niro  and Anne Hathaway, two of my favorite artists. It has been a long time since I have a download of this film, I just remember when someone mentioned it somewhere. The Intern is a story of Ben Whittaker, a retired executive in… Read more →

Hana Shampoo Review

I bought Hana Shampoo last week. I only know this from the commercial of Marian Rivera. During that time I was looking for a new shampoo. I am a user of Sunsilk Green and Pantene. I love to change it since I have been using these shampoo for 4 months now. I will switch to another new shampoo then I… Read more →

Got Paid by Mykites

  I got paid in Mykites. I remember cashing out after a month of being active and consistently posting 10 posts a day. I cashed out, I don’t remember the exact date, but that was after January 10, 2016. After a month, I followed up my payment and the admin told me that they are on the process of reviewing… Read more →

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