Month: January 2016

ClaimBTC pays!

ClaimBTC is a satoshi mining sites. The site is about earning through Bitcoins. I made my first cashout of 20000 Satoshi earlier, and in less than 5 minutes I have the pay on my Well, 20000 satoshis do not amount much. It only costs Php 3.61.  I will try to cash out bigger than that. Also, the amount of… Read more →

Health Benefits of Jute aka Saluyot

No need to inject collagen if you are eating Saluyot. Saluyot in Tagalog and other terms are jute, jute mallow, bush okra, Jew’s Mallow, West African sorrel. Saluyot is found mostly tropical country, like Asian countries. Here in the Philippines, we have lots of Saluyot growing. It is one of the staple food that produces a slimy consistency on a… Read more →

The Bodyguard Movie Review

Photo from You Tube courtesy  of World_of_Justy Besides my all time favorite Pretty Woman, I love the movie The Bodyguard too. This is the movie of Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston in 1992. First, I don’t like Whitney for Kevin but it changes when I watched the movie. It changes everything. Whitney is so beautiful. I love her face, her eyes,… Read more →

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