Month: December 2015

The Mighty Ducks Trilogy

Do you remember the movie consists of young kids playing hockey? Do you remember Charlie Conway? Of course, I remember him by heart. He was my ex-boyfriend, blushing here. What about Gordon Bombay? What about Flying V? What about Julie the Cat? I love reminiscing the days where I was going gaga over this film. On the Mighty Ducks Trilogy,… Read more →

The Band Called Perry

I am LSS or Last Song Syndrome with the song that was introduced at Miss Universe 2015. While the Miss Universe Candidates was showcasing their long gown, The Band Called Perry is singing in the middle. Their song Live Forever attracts my ears so dearly and I should say this is a perfect song while the candidates are walking in… Read more →

Quizbook Impression

I was introduced to Quizbook on my FC site. There is someone who got his payment. I even used his referral to get in the site. From his review, the site looks exciting. I am sharing this one day stay review on the site as my impression. Take note we all have a different impression about the site so this review will… Read more →

NORAD Santa Tracker App Review

  NORAD or North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado USA is preparing their surveillance to track Santa’s journey in the sky. Before, you can only look at the sky and will wait for the Santa’s sleigh to be seen, but now you can really track Santa’s whereabouts, isn’t it awesome? No. For the first time I heard this news,… Read more →

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