Month: September 2015

Easy Rock 96.3 FM Radio

  Easy Rock 96.3 is an FM Radio that plays good old and pop songs. It is the former W Rock 96.3. The Radio Company changed the management, replacing the name and the radio jocks. My family is an avid fan of this radio station. I love this radio station because it plays my favorite song. It seems that the… Read more →

Bagets Movie Review

  Bagets is a teen-oriented movie in 1984 by Viva Films. It stars William Martinez, Aga Muhlach, Herbert Bautista, Jc Bonnin and Raymund Lauchengco. This movie clearly explains what happens in the 80’s. It is my all time favorite film. I watched it a lot of times already and it still gives me the kind of excitement in the film maybe… Read more →


I am aware of Care2Petitions ever since but I am not touching the button of the word “Sign In”. But things change when the news is all about meat selling of dogs and cats which started last year. Care2Petition is one of the organizations that I saw on my Facebook  timeline that i have no doubts and signed the petition… Read more →

Tangled Movie Review

  Tangled is a movie from Walt Disney. It was shown in the cinema in 2010, features the voice of Mandy Moore as Rapunzel and Zachary Levi as Flynn. It is a story of a young lady called Rapunzel who has a very long hair. She wants to get out of their long tower house, but her evil mother, Gothel, stops… Read more →

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