Month: August 2015

Shared2Earn Review

  Just this week I learned about the site that pays you to share videos and articles. It is just a simple task that earns you 0.06 if someone watched your videos up till the end. It pays through Paypal with a minimum of $2. I got my first payment and please look at the payment proof below this post.… Read more →

Twerking, What is your Opinion?

Twerking is a kind of dance that has been trending today. Twerking is a form of dancing in a provocative manner thrusting their hips to lower stance. Usually, it is dance my female dancers. At present, two of the actress of their generation performed this dancing style in television programs. First is Ella Cruz who even has a You tube videos that… Read more →

Philippine Drama Review

While I am having a hard time because of internet problem, my family is watching drama/action movie from the King of Philippine movie, Fernando Poe JR. I failed to get the title but the story is about taking revenge after the villains killed his family and relatives. It is like the revenged of the oppress. I get irritated by the… Read more →

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