Are you at Risk of Hypertension?

When I grow older, I would love to see myself not having to suffer several diseases. I have been caring for my mom who has Diabetes and High Blood Pressure for several years already, and I can see the complications that she’s experiencing. She’d complain of her rheumatoid arthritis, shortness of breath, bloated feeling, blurry vision, and overfatigue. She had her leg amputation 4 years ago, which was also a complication of her Diabetes. Thank God that dialysis treatment was invented, which helps her clean up her bloodstream two or three times a week.

I am witnessing how these lifestyle diseases affects my mom. I know her sufferings and painful moments. That is why, I am challenging myself to have a healthier lifestyle. I am doing whatever I can to be active and to keep my blood circulating into my veins. I would not want to see myself one day, suffering of the consequences of my lack of discipline.

Anyway, Kuya Arnold (Brother Arnold) of BlueSpoon Culinaire have visited us here earlier today to hand some payments to my mom. Kuya Arnold said that he was late because he felt dizzy earlier and his blood pressure was up to 160/110 mmhg. That was way too high. Having the BP app here at home, he asked me to check his BP again. The result was the same, 160/110mmhg. I asked him what medicine he already taken. He said he already took clonidine, a sublingual medicine used to ease hypertension. He was not able to mention the dosage but I think it did not take effect. He needs another medicine, for sure. But I am not a doctor, only a medical technologist, so I suggested that he should have a check-up with a physician.

Here are some factors that will make a person at risk of having Hypertension:

1. Age. – Risk for high blood pressure increases as you age. My mother is only 49 years old right now. She was about 45 years old when she was diagnosed with hypertension.
2. Family History – Hypertension is a lifestyle disease that runs in the blood. My late grandfather and grandmother had it too.
3. Overweight or Obesity – Increase in our weight means more tissues should be supplied with oxygen, which means blood vessels will be pressured to supply blood.
4. Sedentary Lifestyle – People who are not active or who does not perform exercises are at risk. I, for one, have been practicing regular exercises so that my blood flow would be normal.
5. Cigarette Smoking – Chemicals from cigarette can make our blood vessels narrow, which leads to vasoconstriction, increasing our blood pressure.
6. Too much salt – Salt can retain fluid in our bloodstream, which makes the blood more dense.
7. Drinking Alcohol – Too much alcohol drinking can damage our heart.
8. Stress – When we have problems, we tend to eat more or drink or smoke. These factors may lead to high blood pressure.
9. Prolonged Health Conditions – Like for example, kidney disease. My mom has End-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease. She can’t filter water through her kidneys anymore. She does not urinate anymore. So, the fluid she takes in, stays in her body for about two days. So, she is at risk of having high blood pressure.
10. Too little potassium – Potassium can balance the amount of salt (sodium) in our body. We can get enough potassium by taking in fruits like bananas.

Why Coffee Makes me Sleepy

Coffee is supposed to boost someone’s energy. Its diuretic property would make us feel thirsty, make us drink more water, and would have us more trips to the comfort room. It is a vasoconstrictor, meaning, it will make our blood vessels shrink a bit, and would develop a higher pressure in our blood stream. However, I simply can’t feel these boosting effects!

Whenever I try to drink coffee, I tend to have a headache, and I feel really sleepy. I wonder what’s wrong with me. It’s weird because I feel the opposite effect that it’s supposed to make me feel awake because of its caffeine content.

I refrained from drinking coffee since I got pregnant last 2011. Coffee is not good for pregnant women. After I have given birth, I tried drinking coffee again, but then I started to feel those severe headache and drowsiness.

Last night, I tried preparing this new coffee mix which is sugar-free, hoping that it will not cause me any bad effects. Unfortunately, it has made me feel the same adverse effects. I immediately felt sleepy and needed to endure my headache until I fell asleep.

Last month when I went to the mall with my older brother’s family, I drunk a coffee frappe – a cold mocha flavored coffee. That drink did not give me any side effects even if that drink has caffeine too.

I think I have developed a tolerance to hot coffee. Not frequently drinking it for almost three years might have set up my body without any amounts of coffee.

I guess I’ll not drink coffee again so that I’ll not experience that severe headache and drowsiness again.

I’d rather eat healthy snacks or fruit yogurt instead of drinking coffee. I’ll buy more balsamic vinegarette dressing for my vegetable salad. From now on, I will prefer heathier food choices. I will drink more water and eliminate sugar (which is most of the time mixed with coffee.)

Cheers for a healthier and active lifestyle!

Getting Back in Shape


Do you feel guilty when you have eaten a lot of sweet treats like donuts, candies, ice cream, fruit shakes or cakes? Do you feel satisfied yet regretful after eating carbohydrate-rich food like bread, pizza, pasta, instant noodles, and junk food?


There’s no need to be guilty about those precious moments. We only live once, right? And we should enjoy and savor our favourite foods. WE CAN DO THIS, IF, AND ONLY IF, WE DO OUR OWN ROUTINE EXERCISE!


I have been struggling to lose weight since I have gained so much from my first pregnancy back in 2011. From what I know, I have gained nearly 10 kilograms. It took me about 2 years to realize that I became so big – that I can even fit in my old clothes. I was contented with my ‘shape’ thinking that I do not need to do diet and exercise because I needed those extra nutrients for I am doing breastfeeding. I WAS WRONG.


One day, I looked at the mirror in our bathroom, I realized that I became so big. I felt so heavy. I felt depressed. I knew I needed CHANGE. But I had a hard time starting it.


I am thankful that mu husband has supported me so well on my fitness goals. He gave me his tablet containing exercise videos that I needed to follow for about 10 weeks, and another 5 weeks optional. I’ve started out last November. I’m on my 9th week starting tomorrow.


The workout is called T25.


At first, people here in our house sometimes let me feel like I can’t do it and I’m just wasting my time. They can be unsupportive. But, I am just believing in myself and thinking, “If not now, when will I get a chance to change?” So, I decided to continue with what I do and give it my best.


My bad, I was not able to get my weight before, but I know my current weight as of last two weeks ago. I was 68 kilograms.


Temptations are everywhere, and it’s okay to give in, if you’ll just own it! I just treated myself a blueberry cheese donut the other day, and I felt so good!


Whatever weight I may achieve after this workout routine, I will be thankful for that because I know I gave my best shot in doing it. Being healthy and fit is like a responsibility. It should not be a short-term goal, but it is for a lifetime. So, I better discipline myself while I am still young.


Have you been exercising regularly? What’s your favourite exercise move?

Credit: Photo is mine.