Finally, it’s the end of the day! The long time plan of applying for passport has been achieved. I have completed the process in the passport office, and now the only thing pending is the verification and clearance by the police department. The police will do it when my application reaches them. After that it might take about a week of two for me to get the passport.

Although I’ve completed the main process, it was as terrible as all other systems here. Everything seemed silly, stupid, and strange. For a 5-minute process, I had to wait exactly FOUR HOURS! And I still don’t know the reason behind it. It wasn’t just for me, but all other applicants had to go through this ordeal. Not to mention that the small cafeteria in the premise and the parking facility made good money owing to this rusted system!!

My appointment was at 11:45 and I was asked to be present 15 minutes prior to it. However, I reached at 11:15. My batch number was 14, but when I went there I saw batch number 9 waiting in the queue. I knew instantly as to what was in store for me!! I went out to have some soft drinks and returned only to see the batch number 12 waiting. So, after one hour delay, we were sent in. After waiting for 20 minutes, got the token number! I had 3 steps in the process. After completing the first step at 1:00 pm, I had to wait for more than an hour for the 2nd step. And 1 more hour for the 3rd step. And 20 minutes Β more to be able to come out of the office after passing through the exit counter!

They had made it mandatory to fill the feedback form! Well, that’s what I wanted. I gave them a bad remark and mentioned that it’s very bad of them to make us wait for 4 hours in spite of giving an appointment for a specific time!