Okay, so it’s a new year. A new beginning. Fresh goals, fresh thoughts. It’s time we leave behind some things that happened in the previous year and move ahead whereas we should also take a few things that we learned in the past. The wise people say ” Forget and Forgive “. I respect this thought, but I believe it doesn’t suit for all situations. So, for certain things, I will follow my principle ” Forgive but don’t Forget” .

Real Life

I had taken up a terrible job in the beginning of this year. I had joined there for the sole reason of coming back to my state (province) where my parents live. I was working more than 2,000 km away before joining that job. But, it was the worst decision of life. Of course, you can’t realize few things until you actually experience it. The job just sucked in all possible ways. To top it up, they paid less than what I was earning in my previous job. I bore with it for 4 months to see if something improves, but it didn’t. So, I resigned even before I got a new job. However, I immediately got a new one, and it’s been great so far. So yes, I forgive the inhuman boss there, but I won’t forget what she did and the lessons I learnt there!!

Virtual Life

Oh, yes. This is an integral part of my life. And this year, I have been far too involved in virtual life. As some of you know, a badly troubled person has been confronting me for some days now. First she started off by posting nosy, irritating and rude comments on my posts in Blogjob’s ‘Help and Support’ forum. Then I saw her behaving like a boss in all the other sites (as if she was the owner and investor of all those sites) and creating a bad atmosphere everywhere. She posted defamatory forum posts on blogjob about me. She continues to do so about other sites and people. Well, seeing all this I realized that there must be some serious problem with the person, and I shouldn’t react. Because if I do, there won’t be any difference between the person and me. I can have tussles to any extent with normal persons, but I feel sorry for this one, though!! So I just prayed for her well-being! And may she get a life outside the internet so she gets better!!

So yes, I have decided to forgive the troubled soul. But I won’t forget, so that I don’t waste my time with the person in future!

There is another member who behaves in unpleasing way and I forgive him too. But yes, I won’t forget, and become a victim again!!

God bless all! Amen!