The Heat of Electric Travel

I am sure you are wondering what sort of a nonsensical title this is for a blog post! I know..  It’s just an amalgamated phrase of my current state.

First of all, I am highly intolerant to summer – not the summer of western countries.. it’s the unbearable summer of India. Naturally, I tend to sweat a lot even in pleasant weathers, and my life becomes a hell during summer. To add to it, frequent disruption of electricity has started to become a norm now. Due to extremely low rainfall, the dams here did not fill last year which has resulted in decreased production of electricity, as majority of our power comes from hydroelectric projects. So, when you are sweating and you can’t even run a fan, it’s double hell.

Finally, my travels. After a short break (of course, I was travelling locally in the project area) from long-distance travels, I am ready once again. I have been asked to go to a place in north India. This place is a tourist attraction and is supposed to have pleasant weather. I was actually glad that I got this opportunity to travel to a cooler place so that I could relax myself for at least a weak. Being excited I just checked the tempearture of the place I will be going to – wow, it was 34 degrees Celsius yesterday! Now, that is not pleasant! It’s just 3-4 degrees less than what I am bearing currently. I was surprised to see such high temperature in such a nice place.

Anyway, something is better than nothing. I get to live in a place which is 4 degrees less than this for at least a week. I’m trying to appreciate the little happiness life throws at us sometimes lol 😀

I hope to roam about the place as much as I can, although I will be fully occupied from morning to evening on all the 6 days 🙁

Mission 50%

It’s not a mission to the space. It’s certainly not Mission Impossible. But yes, it is a difficult mission. If you are wondering what it is, my mission is to regularly earn online at least 50% of what I am earning in my regular offline job. Although I can’t say the amount, it’s pretty decent and I can live with it. The key is that I want to earn that amount online regularly, not just one or two months. I know it is not easy to do but I have taken up that challenge. I love taking challenges and doing something different. And this is one such challenge. It will need continuous and hard work for at least 6 months, I guess. It could also take up to 1 year.

I am not aiming for this goal from just one or two sources. Of course, it’s very hard to do that. I will be trying to achieve this from various sources that I have experimented so far and shortlisted. They are variety of sites and methods which I have tried over the past few years. They are a good mix of writing sites, investments, trading, forums, services, etc. So, it’s not always boring or is not monotonous. Some don’t even need daily efforts. I am hoping it all works out well for me. As of now I am earning about 8% of my offline income through online work. I want to take it up step-by-step. My timeline to achieve the 50% target is as below:

15% in the next 2 months – by June 2016.

25% by September 2016.

40% by December 2016.

50% by February 2017.

I am keeping it modest because I know that online earning is vulnerable to various factors that are not in my control. Hopefully I can achieve my goal even before the timeline.

Do you have targets for your online earning?

Applying for a Job

There is a great opportunity (and probably one last one) for me to apply for a post in a reputed bank here which deals with agriculture and rural development. I have always wanted to work for it or its subsidiaries, but never got an opportunity. I had applied for oneo f its subsidiaries, but there were applications by more experienced candidates, so I wasn’t considered. This time the bank itself has some posts vacant and they have called for applications.

It will have three rounds of interview with two written exams followed by a face-to-face interview. Although there are very few posts vacant and there will be huge number of applications, I have decided to give it a go. We never know what clicks! By luck, if I can get through this I will be the happiest guy because I need not worry about finding a secured job anymore. The pay is also good along with good facilities and perks. There is great scope for one’s career growth as well. To add to it, it’s a specialized bank for the rural development sector, which is where I am working currently. My education is also based on the same field.

Considering the age limit for applicants, I think it will be my last chance to try it out. I won’t be able to apply in future even if there are vacancies. I have enough time to prepare for it, too. I just need to be focussed and work hard to get through the written exam first. I am confident that with hard work I can do it. I need to keep all the distractions away (including online earning) for some time to make my future secured. Although my luck sucks always, I am still keeping my fingers crossed. Hope something good happens!

The Salary Saga

It’s been a terrible day for me. We had our meeting from 9 a.m to 6:30 p.m and I came back to my hotel at 7:30 p.m. All this while I was repeatedly checking my bank account to see if my salary for this month was credited. It’s the end of the financial year here and I hoped to get the salary as usual on the last day of the  month. I was concerned so much about it because I have to pay the hotel lodging bill while leaving tomorrow which I will have to claim later from my organization. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet received the salary yet, and I don’t know why! Even at 11 p.m I am checking my account because sometimes the clearance takes time and the deposit happens even at night. But now I am losing hope..

I will have to borrow money from my colleagues tomorrow while checking out. As it was a short notice for the meeting, I couldn’t get some advance amount sanctioned. And since it’s the end of the financial year, I had some extra expenses and investments to make this month. So now I have run short of money. This salary issue was unexpected. Every month I used to get it on the last day, but not this month!

Well, I will have to just borrow for now. And as discussed in today’s meeting, maybe I will have to do some more travelling next week. I will make sure to get some advance money for it, though. I can’t afford to spend now and wait for reimbursement that sometimes takes even up to 15 days. This was exactly what I was worried about at the end of the month. I had managed everything well, but this unexpected travel due to this suddenly arranged meeting messed it up.

Hoping for a safe journey back tomorrow. Goodnight!

Meeting on the Mind, Cricket in the Heart

Our entire team has arrived here in Delhi for a meeting. We were given a very short notice and the agenda of the meeting wasn’t even shared with us. Recently the head of the project resigned, so we thought that it was just a meeting to discuss the progress as the change in leadership happens. But this afternoon when we just reached here we got the mail with the agenda. So each regional team has to make a presentation of 45 minutes! Now that is too much. I wonder if we will be able to consume so much time because since our last meeting there isn’t much that happened. At the most we can present our progress in 20 minutes. They should have given us at least a couple of days’ time. Anyway, now that we have to do it, we have no other go.

In the meanwhile my heart is just waiting for the clock to strike 7:30 p.m tomorrow. The semi-final match of the T20 cricket world cup tournament will be played tomorrow between India and West Indies. I am glad that I will have enough time to watch the match, as we would be leaving on Friday morning. I just watched a bit of New Zealand’s innings and the full innings of England in today’s semi-final match. But I don’t want to miss even a single ball in tomorrow’s match because it’s India playing. I just hope they win the next two games and lift the world cup again 🙂

The meeting is scheduled to conclude at 5:30 and I hope nothing gets dragged longer. I just want to return, relax a bit and then watch the game without moving! As of now, I must sleep keeping tomorrow’s meeting in mind so that I can watch the match without worries later in the evening.

Touching the Untouched

I am on my way to the airport as I would be traveling to New Delhi today for our project team’s meeting. My usual pastime while waiting at the airport is listening to music and watch the people around.

Watching people is my favorite pastime in places like airport, bus station or railway station. But this time, along with it I have decided to read a book and make good use of the time. Also, it will allow me to touch the books that have been untouched for a long time. One such book is Masanobu Fukuoka’s Sowing Seeds in the Desert. Fukuoka is the father of natural farming who was a Japanese farmer. He practiced natural farming for decades and tasted great success. He travelled around the world to educate people on natural farming.

His life and his books would obviously be interesting to me as environmental conservation, organic farming,etc, are my areas of interest. It’s been more than eight months since I bought this book but I’ve not even turned a page yet. So if I can go through a few pages during this to and fro journey over the next two days I would be glad. As I have shared before buying books and keeping them unread for long is one of my bad habits. Sowing seeds in the Desert is just one such book among a lot others that have remained untouched in my personal library. Although I want to buy a couple of more books, I have held myself from doing that because I want to finish reading all these books first. Otherwise this bad habit of mine will stay on forever.

I hope to have a safe journey and pleasant stay. Hopefully I will have good time sowing seeds also 😛 Have a good day everyone!

Bunch of Monetization Tools

In the quest of monetizing my own site, I have tried various options in the past 6 months. Since I can’t afford to apply for Adsense at this stage, I used the time and opportunity to test other sources. Major ones I tested were Infolinks, Adhitz, Viglink and Prosperent. Among all these, Adhitz was the only one that was a bit promising.

Prosperent has got only about 10 clicks until now without generating any sales. The earning on Prosperent and Viglink is purely based on sales. On viglink, too, there have not been any sales although I have received about 400 page views.

When I applied for infolinks, I had the adhitz ads up in my site. So they rejected by application. For the sake of getting approved and having infolinks ads on my site, I removed all the adhitz ads. Although I got approved, I have been able to earn just ONE CENT in the past 3 months on infolinks. This is absolutely worthless.

I even got the Shortest links to try and see if it does any good. I soon realized that it was more annoying than useful. I disabled many of its options and kept only few so that the visitors don’t get annoyed by it. It has earned me a mere 7 cents in more than 4 months!

So, all in all, everything turns out useless. Although I am getting decent traffic and pageviews, these ads aren’t doing any good in terms of earning. Maybe majority of them have adblocker. Whatever it is, it’s not encouraging. Maybe I will have to just rely on the referral earnings from the earning sites that I share on my site. Even that wouldn’t do any good to cover the expenses. Nevertheless, I will better pay the costs and have my own site running. It’s a good feeling to have my own blog site where I can express myself freely.

My Website, Online Earning, and More..

Things are going great for me now. I am happy to share that my own site is doing decent even without me putting in much effort. I was busy with other online earning avenues, and hence couldn’t spend much time on my own site for some time now. But still, as I said before, it’s doing well. I now have 25 posts published in my site and am getting about 20 organic search visits daily on an average. The bounce rate is pretty high for now, but I am sure it will improve. I already have about 1000 unique visitors so far. Although I don’t think it’s still a good time to apply for Adsense, I am sure I am going in the right direction for it. I was doing well when I had Adhitz ads on the site, but I removed them for the sake of Infolinks. However, Infolinks is doing no good. I have earned just 1 cent in the last 3 months!

The online earning mission of mine is also in the right direction and going in good pace. I recently reached the $2 per day earning mark as planned. The next target is to earn $5 a day, which I hope to achieve in 2 more months. I have found out some good formulas to earn and I hope to make the most of it in the coming days. It’s a good mix of various types of sites and ways of earning. The most important target of mine is to be able to earn at least half the income that I am earning from my salary in the regular job.

Now onwards I am going to put in extra effort towards building my own site and making it ready for Adsense. I plan to write 25 posts in the next two months. I would be applying for Adsense only when I am convinced with the traffic, though.

Missing All the Great Matches

I have been missing all the wonderful cricket matches India has been winning over the past few months. Every time it so happens that I am either in my work city or I am travelling when India is playing. Our team has been doing great for some time now, especially when they are chasing a target. Some years ago, the situation of Team India was so bad that its fans used to take it for granted that they would lose if they were chasing a target. When they batted first, they used to perform well. But when they had to chase they couldn’t handle the pressure.

Now, the situations seems very different. The new breed of cricketers take it as a challenge to chase targets and have excelled in handling the pressure. It’s not just one or two games that they won chasing. They have been winning for some time now irrespective of the target! Some batsmen are doing extremely well in chasing like Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni. Virat has been outstanding of all. He is the future captain of Indian team and is proving his worth through some of the memorable innings he has played so far.

Yesterday’s match against Australia was another testimony to Virat’s great form and chasing abilities. The target was 161 in 120 balls. After the openers failed, Virat took charge of the Indian innings and stabilized it with Yuvraj Singh. When he got out, Virat took up the entire responsibility of taking India to the victory line. The last two overs were a treat. India needed 39 runs off the last 18 balls, but they scored it with 5 balls remaining! There were boundaries raining and all of a sudden it seemed it was very easy to bat!

Although I couldn’t watch the Indian batting in this match, I followed it on ESPN cricinfo with live text commentary. I was sitting in my bus waiting for it to start. To add to the spice, there were some guys who were watching the match nearby in a shop and restaurant who were cheering every boundary scored. So it was easy to know what was going on in the match 😛

Unexpected Travel Coming Up

We just got an email from our head office that we all had to go there for a meeting on the 31st of March. It’s in Delhi which is pretty far, so we need to start on Tuesday, reach the stop over city for an overnight stay, and then reach the destination on Wednesday. The meeting is on Thursday and we will be starting our return journey on Friday.

Our boss has quit the job and he will be leaving the country soon. So, they have arranged a meeting before his departure. All of the teams from our branch offices will be getting together in the head office to discuss the progress of our work and to plan ahead. It was a very short notice, maybe because our boss is leaving on a short notice. Whatever it is, it’s a bane to travel in this extremely hot weather. But we have no other go.

Before that, I need to reach my office on Monday. So I will be starting tomorrow night as usual. It will be just a one-day stay there and I will have to start back on Tuesday! I thought of availing leave as it would be exhausting to travel just for a day, but my colleague suggested otherwise. I too thought that I could just finish some work and prepare for the meeting before leaving which is possible only in the office.

It’s going to be a travelling week. And when we will be back on Friday, I will just stay back here in my home city for the weekend.

I would like to meet some of my online friends when I go to the capital Delhi this time, but I don’t think it’s possible as I would be staying there just for a day. It’s not even the weekend, so I’m sure they can’t find time to meet. Hopefully next time when I stay longer I could try 🙂

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