One of Those People

The first I’d seen her, she was walking around as if alone in the world, despite the group.

I did the usual smile and hi, but didn’t go further as I had picked up the the vibe which said ‘stay back’.

Sharon, who couldn’t read people, invited her to sit with us. Louise sat with an attitude as if she felt she was honouring us with her presence.

The next time Sharon invited Louise she replied “I’m sitting over there” in the voice of a vegetarian offered a ham sandwich. I was taken aback, I thought Louse had developed the hypocrisy to smile and say something kind, instead of that door slam.

A few months later Louise was taking a greater role in the group. I found myself ceasing to speak when she was around as she had a habit of inserting herself into any conversation I was having, and talking as if I didn’t exist.

At the luncheon, she sat next to Rivka and started one of those leading conversations. Rivka was spilling her guts, and Louise wasn’t listening.

The next week, when Steve picked me up, Louise was in the car. I hadn’t seen her as I went to the front door, and she said; “You have to sit in the back.”

If it was anyone else I’d expect a clever smile, a joking tone, but Louise said it with viciousness. As I slid in I noticed Louise’s seat was pushed back as far as it could go. I had to slip behind Steve.

As we drove, Louise kept up the “I – I – I” chant.

I don’t know why she needed me to know where she’d been, how long, and what it was like, as I didn’t care but I suppose she thought she was impressing me.

When we reached the destination she was still doing her “I – I -I” so I left the car, went into the building.

At the end of the meeting, as I stood by the eat’s table Louise was behind me. Every step I took she was near. I made circles just to see if she would follow, which she did.

I kept circling, noticing that anyone I spoke to, she jumped to buy out the conversation.

Shaking her off I found Elliot and asked him to drop me home when he was ready, then, quickly moved to Viv, just in case Louise would learn the ‘secret’ information.

When Elliot gestured, and I went to Steve told him Elliot was dropping me and left.

I tried to figure out why Louise was stalking me.

To escape her, I began to miss meetings and changed my seat to way over in Siberia so that no one might even know if I was there.

Eventually she lost interest in me.

Sandra, who I hadn’t thought noticed the drama said, with a smile,”Louise wants to be You.”

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