Business Overload

It’s nice to be back here again! It’s ben a while that I was not able to write a post here it is because of I’m too busy with my online shop  business but now I have a store now at the mall where I do not need to meet my customers.

I’m so happy that I have a lot of time now to do my online job such as Blogjob and Humanatic and most of all I have a lot of time to take care of my kids while I’m doing my by business online and offline.

I hope that I can be able to cope with my 3 post here daily but I guess I need to make 2 post daily here because the 150 points was reduced to 100 points.I miss some of my online friends already its been a long while that I was not able to chat with them online.

I know they have been so busy here and focus with posting here and working with call reviews.Now I can be able to work online from 10 am to 4pm and from 8pm to 10 pm.

I need to put everything in balance with my responsibilities and while earning some money online.It was been also a long while that I wasnt able to redeem here. I hope that this site is still good to work because I heard something changes here but because of Im too busy I wasnt able to figure out tha changes of this site. I guess I need to ask some of my blogjob here about the changes here.

But anyways Im still very happy that I have a lot of time now to do my task online therell might be some time that Im busy but I will still be back here in Blogjob because this site is also my home .

Brain Stucked

Since last few weeks I am lost with blogjob it seems that my mind was stuck and that is the reason why that I cannot increase my points.I do not even know that blogjob site was under maintenance for 3 days.

I hope that I can continue writing here and my motivation will be back again so that I can be able to increase my points. I admit that I am failed with my target to redeem after two months because I am getting too slow here.

Even with my call review jobs, I’m getting slow, that is why I’m getting less amount to redeem the worst is that it takes a long time for me to redeem.Oh my, what is going on with me? I know that one of the reason is that I’m getting too busy with my online shoppe business and meeting up with customers but I wanted to manage everything that I can still perform with my online jobs.

But sometimes when I get home I get tired to write already and to review a call.I hope that I can change my motivation to positive so that I won’t be lazy with writing and reviewing a call.

I feel upset when I can’t make an income online daily but I do have some responsibility’s also here at home that occupies my time .It seems that I’m not the same aggressive as before with working online that I can redeem every week.

Plus my computer screen is getting too blurry that is hurting my eyes that make me lose my motivation to write because I’m having a  headache when I write that the screen is getting too blurry.

But I’m going to change everything to change my motivation again as like as before and be active with my online job .


Hard Loser Attitude

We really can’t avoid that there are also some insecure people online especially in online shoppe business when they think that you are having more customers than her.

I do not understand why its such a big deal for her when someone uses her picture when I know also that she also grab that pictures from other online sellers.Online sellers usually have the same pictures posted online and it’s pretty sure that it’s not her own picture because I can see that picture anywhere else in other onlineshoppe.

For sure one reason is that it is because that I and my online seller friend is having more customers than her that is why she reacted like a child showing her hard loser attitude.

In my case if someone wants to take my item picture I don’t mind because first my profile is public and I do not put watermarks with my pictures so it means that it’s not a big deal for me when someone wants to take my items posted pictures.

We really can’t avoid in online shoppe industry that there are too many online sellers who want to have the same items to sell but in my case,  it’s only a coincidence that we have the same items posted.

I even convinced other people to resell my items and to grab my pictures.If you don’t want somebody to get some pictures of you and to see your picture the solution is to set your profile into private.

That is the best way if you are too sensitive that you don’t want to share your pictures with others or to let somebody view your pictures.because in the Facebook page we cannot avoid too much publicity here.

If you are too sensitive then Facebook is not the right social media for you .


Too Much Stress Online

Do you also experience stress with too much online?Lately, I feel that I’m having a headache with too much online and my eyes soars too.

Maybe it is because of I’m online the whole day.Its really not good to be at the computer all day but I don not have a choice because this is my way of living.

So I have to get online every day, in fact, I feel depressed if I can’t get online because I won’t have an income.But I think I need to wear nongrade eyeglass for my eye protection whileIm online.Or put some screen protector on my monitor to protect my eyes.

Worst that after I get online I feel dizzy because of my headache.I’m afraid if what can is the effect of this to my health when I cannot stop to get online because this is the way where I get my expenses and to support my kids.

I guess some of the online workers do experience the same as me but I was thinking what do they do to avoid stress online and to avoid a headache.

I know they get online longer than me because sometimes I’m not on the computer when I’m dealing with customers outside.There are times that I’m not able to get online all day not unless if I really need to check my customers messages.

I guess online stress is really a part of the online world there are some that because of too much online they didn’t able to get enough sleep,eat properly and take a bath it is because they are getting computer addicted.

I admit that I’m also one of the computer addicts I feel empty if I can’t do my online job and to transact sales through online daily because this where I use to live in the online world .


Online Job Enough or Not Enough?

How many of us here depends on online job? Does online job sustain our daily needs?

For me, I do not earn that much with an online job but it’s very helpful for me because it helps with my other needs but maybe if I focus and if I find a site that pays a good rate maybe it can sustain with my everyday needs.

I guess there are some members here who earns some good money with online in call review job,you can earn much if you focus on reviewing a call from night till morning but I cannot do that because I feel weak if I do not have enough sleep.

Some of my friends from call review job like Humanatic did earn 10 to 15 dollars a day and much more because they are already good with call reviewing calls.But in my case, I mostly got audits so I’m slow with reviewing calls because I need to make sure that my selection is correct.Or else I will get a penalty that will lessen my account balance that will take me longer to redeem.

I feel empty if I cannot do my online job.My another source of income is my online shoppe where I get busy most of my time but if I have an extra netbook or laptop I would like to work with my online job while I’m meeting up with my customers so that my time will be occupied even if I’m outside.

I heard that some of the online job revenues that need some investments earn a good money too but I’m afraid of scams that will suddenly take my investment. So I’m not into investment revenue sites especially to those that needs big investments of money because I can’t take the risk to lose a money .


Expectations that Fails

Sometimes I can’t help that I’m having a lot of expectations that I have thought I am able to hit my targets and visions but it didn’t happen because of some failures and hindrance.

Like I have thought that I can be able to hit my target to reach my 100 dollars within two months here at blog job but I wasn’t able to make it because of mostly I’m running out of time. Then my internet connection was disconnected this whole week that is why it’s getting longer for me to reach the 10,000 points.

one of my problem also that I wasn’t able to write a post daily is that when I open my blog job account it appears that I was blocked and I guess one of the reason is that my internet connection is slow or it is because that my computer has a virus.

That’s why I cannot able to write here sometimes I am writing at peso net cafes but I cannot focus because it’s too noisy.I have a lot of expectation aside from my target points here that weren’t able to happen like I was expecting to have a big money but it didn’t happen.

Well, that’s life, what I know is that we have to continue moving on and keep on going even thought that we weren’t able to hit our goals.We just don’t stop on keep on working till we reach our vision in our life .

All that I know is that I have to remain positive as always I am.Don’t let any failures or hindrance take you down because if you will for sure you will never reach your goals if you will become negative as like others want to pull you down.

As long as you believe in yourself and in your capacity just keep going .

Elderly Issues

I believe that our elders should deserve some respect because of they are already old and needs some care.But what if some of the elders don’t want to be treated with the respect it is because of they do not know how to respect others.

I think elders should be a good role model to young ones and they should also know how to respect others so that they will be respected too.Rather than to be the first to start rumors and issues.I will be also getting old but I make sure that I will be respected because I know how to respect others and will never start to speak nasty words which are not good to hear.

Elders should be the beginning of good manners and right conduct and not the start of discriminating with other people.It’s not good to hear from elders to start issues , gossips and rumors especially speaking nasty words because it’s not a wrong doing.

Most of all its really not good to see our elders getting drunk and starting to create trouble. I do not understand why they need to do such as this to get drunk and start a trouble.Is it really because of they need attention?

How will they gained respect when they show to others as non-respectful?When we get old we should avoid to be alcoholic and get drunk then start a trouble.Because I’m sure they will really look disappointing with their wrong doings.

No one that has done well when they are drunk that is why I avoid that bad habit already because it’s really wrong.but why is it that when they began to get old that’s the time that they became a bad influence on others.

I hope that our elders should know their limitations also because every character also has limitations.

Graduation Problems

Usually, at the end of the school year in every public school a  lot of school  contributions that were asked by the public school teachers such as contributions of 10 packs floor wax and other school contribution payments.

The worst is that the graduation fees and other contributions for graduation that were asked from the parents really hurt my pocket. Now I’m having a problem where to find such as 2,000 pesos to complete my son and my daughter graduation and recognition fees.

I was not being ready that my kids need new shoes and new pants for their graduation aside from the school graduation fees.Then after graduation after one month, I need to prepare some big money for school enrollment and school supplies for the kids school opening by the end of May.

So it means that I need to work harder to comply this needs. Honestly, I’m really having a headache now to comply the graduation and recognition fees and needs.

I have already paid the graduation and recognition fees and bought them new shoes but there are some that I wasn’t able to comply yet their school contributions and floor wax that were asked by the teachers and etc.

So as early as now I’m now starting to work on their enrollment fees and school supplies needs that I’m expecting that I need to prepare 5,000 pesos or 100 dollars.

Because I don’t want that when the enrollment time comes I’ll be having a big problem again where to find the kids enrollment fees and school  supply needs. so it’s better to be prepared but as of now I do not have any money saved for the enrollment yet but my earnings from my call review will be my savings for the kids school opening  by the coming month of June.

The Best Blessings of All

I’ve keep on hoping to receive a blessings but I have realized that I already have the best blessings in my life,and that is my children it is because of them I became motivated to reach and fulfill my dreams.

My kids did change my life.I used to be selfish before and only think of my self a happy go lucky person but now everything was changed.All that I’ve keep on thinking now is my children and my family.

I dream and work so hard and focus with my life in a right journey because of my children.That is why I’m so thankful that God had given me the best blessings in my life ever because I couldn’t imagine what my life could be without my children maybe I will still used to be the same as I am before if I do not have children.

I guess all the mothers and parents should be very thankful for having kids because it is the very best blessings that have come in their life.Because children is more than an inspiration,you do not need to complain with your obligations if how you raised , feed and send them to school for their good future.

But the happiness that the children is more than a blessings.I couldn’t ask for more than the happiness that my children gave me.Even though that I’m a single mom I’m not complete but I’m very happy with my life because of my children.

I hope some ladies who got pregnant and decide to abort their baby’s should change their mind to keep the baby and not to abort.Because children are the best gift and blessings and they are so fragile.I couldn’t afford to hurt my kids how much more than to kill an innocent life in the womb.

It really makes me hurt if my kids will get hurt because I’m a mother and will be a mother forever.

No Originality Attitude

It’s really funny that my neighbor copies my strategy of selling.She even wants to know who is my supplier because I’m selling cheaper fashionable good quality clothes.

I guess it’s one of the Filipino attitudes that does not have an own originality that what is the business of their neighbor they will do the same business and also the strategy like I’m posting that I’m giving some freebies to my customers so that they will become my regular customer.

Also, she even copy my posts like posting some legit proofs and the some clothes that I’m selling too but only the difference is that my prices are 50 percent cheaper than her price and that is the reason why she is asking if where do I get my items or asking if she can direct go to my supplier.which is I do not allow because of instead of she order some of her items from me she wanted to go directly.

Business is a business no one in the business industry that will tell where we get our supplies to sell.I wonder if she is aware of it that of course I will never tell my suppliers to her.but she still keeps insisting if she can ask about my supplier.

I’m going to have a new business it’s my laundry soap selling and I’m not sure if she will also sell the same.and I’m selling it at the affordable price at 50 pesos per kilo and 25 pesos for half a kilo.I’m sure she does not know where to get a supplier or maybe one day she will sell the same also.Well, I can’t do anything about it if she will sell what I’m selling because it’s her choice and she have her own money to invest a capital for her business.I just hope that she will not get my customers.