Fiona 19: Replaying The Evening In Her Mind

Fiona was silent on the drive home, lost in her thoughts.  She played out the entire night in her mind over and over again.  Upon her arrival to the Steak And Fish restaurant with Blaine, the two of them walked over to the bar, where they sat on bar stools chatting amongst themselves for a while.  She wore a red sleeveless dress, with her right leg crossed over the left, and her left elbow planted onto of her left knee as she leaned on her left wrist.  The lower part of her right arm was tucked behind her left elbow, as she leaned in, smiling while listening attentively to Blaine.

“This party is really hopping tonight.  I’m glad for Ren and Claudia.  Their engagement has been a long time coming.  After all, they had been dating for ten years before Red decided to ask her to marry him,” he said while leaning his elbow against the bar, “Bar keep, I’d like a couple of tonic waters with a twist of lemon, please.”

“Coming up,” said the bartender, grabbing the nozzle, and spraying some tonic water into two glasses, and adding some lemon slices, before presenting them to Blaine and Fiona.

“I’m glad I could be a part of this event to help your friends celebrate,” Fiona said while reaching for her tonic water, and taking a sip.

Ren and Claudia came over to join them.  Ren had an arm around Claudia when he planted a kiss on her lips.

“I’m so glad the two of you could make it tonight,” Claudia laughed while rubbing Ren’s back with her right hand, “This guy is the best guy in the world.  Take a look at the ring he got me for our engagement,” she said as she showed them her left hand, while waving her ring finger up and down.

The ring had one and a half caret diamonds, with one jade, a ruby and a sapphire.

“It’s’ very beautiful,” Fiona said, while glancing down at the ring.

“Thank you.  It was worth every dollar I spent on it.  Claudia is one of a kind.  So, I had to get a one of a kind ring for a one of a kind woman.  I designed it myself.  Well, I went over the details for the kind of ring I wanted, with the jeweler,” Ren said while holding a beer in his right hand, raising his glass in a toast, “To Claudia, my friends.”

Some music was playing in the background.

Blaine took grabbed a hold of Fiona’s free hand, and took her out on the dance floor.

“But I’m still holding my tonic water,” she giggled, as he the glass from her hand and placed it on top of a nearby table where another couple was sitting, “Please excuse me, folks.  I just have to dance with this lovely lady tonight.”

Placing their each other, they pulled in close until Fiona’s head was leaning against blains shoulder, with one arm placed around his neck.

When the music stopped, they walked back over to the bar to talk with some other friends.  Blaine had his arm around her.

Then, Lindsay showed up on the scene, ruining the entire evening.

Coming back down to reality, Fiona sat in the back seat of Beverley’s car, muttering to herself, “The nerve of that woman.  Why did she have to come tonight?  Who does she think she is?”

“Is everything okay, Fiona,” Beverley said while glancing up at her in the mirror and then bringing her focus back on the road.

“I’m just muttering aloud to myself, Beverley.”  Fiona said while gazing out at the stores they passed on the drive home.

How could Blaine not have told me about having a son with Lindsay?  Why was he hiding the truth from me?  Clearly, I was a rebound for him.  How could he have been so inconsiderate to me?  He played me for a fool.  That Lindsay girl looked like she was enjoying every moment of her agony.  Then she ran up to him and kissed him in front of me, while Beverley was pulling out of the parking space.  Blaine had no hesitation about kissing her back.  Talk about tacky and in poor taste.  What a jerk.  Fiona thought to herself while she closed her eyes to ease her tension headache brought on by the stress of the night.

“Whatever it is, whatever happened to upset you will pass.  But we’ll discuss this at home at length, when you’re up to it.  Remember, I’m here if you need to talk to me,” Beverley said while turning the corner leading to their home.

“Thanks, Beverley, but right now, I just need some time to think,” Fiona said while leaning head had back and staring out the window at the night time sky.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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Fiona 18: The Tug Of War

Blaine grabbed Lindsay by the arms, and shook her in a rough manner.  “Where do you get off pulled a stunt like that?  There went the best thing that ever happened to me.  You ruin everything relationship I’ve ever hoped to have.  Why can’t you get it through your head, it’s over between us, Lindsay.  I’m not crawling back to you, this time.  Somehow, I’m going to get the girl back.  Correction, that amazing woman, back.  I won’t let you destroy my happiness again.”

“Control yourself, Blaine.  You sound like a broken record.  We have a bond that can never be broken.  Your son, and your unborn child.  Why didn’t you tell her about how when you go into one of your emotional slumps, you turn to the bottle.  Always boozing yourself into a pathetic mess.  I know you better than anyone, Blaine.  And don’t you forget it.  If it weren’t for me, where would you be?  What would you be?  When we first met, you were the one who approached me at a bar.  Remember?  You were discharged from the military at the time.  An honorable discharge, but you didn’t tell this Fiona about your emotional and psychological bouts, due to the aftermath of your fighting in combat.  You didn’t tell her any of that, did you?  So before you go passing the blame unto me about your failed relationships, remember who saved you the humiliation and embarrassment of those other women finding out about your bouts with post traumatic stress disorder.  Remember, I’m also saving them heartache in the long run.  We are a family, you, me and the children.  Don’t you ever forget it,” Lindsay said with clenched teeth, as she moved in close to him, licked his earlobe, stroked his cheek with her lips, until their lips met, and massaged his with hers.

Glancing up at the parking lot, Lindsay moved closer to Blaine’s ear when she noticed some mutual friends look their direction from out in the parking lot, telling him, “Go along with the show, and don’t cause a scene.  Unless you want me to cause some embarrassment for you in front of Claudia and Ren,” and she went back to massaging his lips with her own.

Blaine back his head away, “I won’t let you manipulate me, Lindsay,” with clenched teeth.

Lindsay pulled his head close to hers.  “Either you play along, and lead them to believe we are a loving couple, or you will never see you son again, nor lay eyes upon your unborn child.  The choice is yours.”

Blaine gave in to Lindsay, engaging her in the kiss, even though his heart belonged to Fiona.

“I’m going to get even with you some how,” he whispered to her in a dangerous voice.

“Of course.  And you’ll come crawling back to me, once you’ve had one of your episodes, while laying in your bed, all alone in the dark.  You see my darling, I’m the only one who understands you.  How much sympathy do you think you’ll get from little Miss Fiona.  Do you think she’d endure you quirks when you have your nightmares.  I’m the one who always comforted you when you needed it the most,” Lindsay blurted out while stroking his cheek with one hand, and running her fingers through his hair with the other hand, “Now, if you’ll come to my car, we and we’ll head on home, darling.  To our home.  Not to your apartment.  You can engage your son in a game of catch tomorrow afternoon.”

“I’ll do just fine on my own.  This time I’m not going back with you.  I’m going straight to my own apartment,” he said while walking away from her and headed over to his car.

“Remember what we talked about, Blaine.  I looked forward to your call, dear,” Lindsay yelled in a false warm hi-pitched voice.

Blaine turned around, glared at her, and replied, “I’m sure you’ll see me in your dreams tonight, Lindsay.  I hope you’ll explain to our son how I have to work tomorrow, as much as I’d like to spend the day with him.  He and our unborn child mean the world to me.  I intend to become a family with them and Fiona some time in the future.  I won’t be dominated by you.  You won’t change me.  I’ve stopped you in the past, and I’ll keep on fighting to be myself, every time you attempt to change me.  Remember, Lindsay, I loved you once, but it was you who destroyed the love between you and me, the day you started making me feel like I was less of a human being,” while getting into his car, and speed  dialing Fiona’s number.

“Fiona, please don’t hang up.  I just want the chance to explain.  Just give me a chance to explain,” he cried in desperation while glancing out the window at Lindsay who was headed back inside the restaurant, “I need to talk to you.  I already told you how sorry I was.  How sorry I am.  But, Fiona.  Fiona, don’t end things like this.  I really think we should…” and he sunk down in his seat, as his heart throbbed with sadness.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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Fiona 17: The Final Plea

Blaine ran after Fiona.  By the time he caught up to her, she had already speed dialed Beverley.  “Bev, come pick me up at the Steak and Fish Restaurant.  I’ll explain when you come.  Okay, bye.”

Upon approaching Fiona, Blaine puts a hand on Fiona’s shoulder.  “Please.  Let me explain.”

“I don’t think there’s anything more to say, Blaine.  Your common law wife said it all.  I don’t think we should…”

“Common law wife?  Fiona, Lindsay and I were an on again and off again thing.  She is the mother of my son, and the mother of my unborn child.  But that’s the extent of it.  She and I are not involved in a deeper relationship other than that.  When I broke things off with her, I broke them off permanently.  There’s no need to be alarmed.  I told you about her when we first started going out, because I didn’t want there to be any secrets between you and me,” he shrieked while pulling her close to him, wrapped his arms around her, stroked her hair, and tenderly kissed her on the lips.

“No.  I can’t do this anymore.  Furthermore, she just said back there that you have a habit of going back with her, then the two of you would have a fight, and then you’d date someone else casually for a while.  And when things have simmered down, you’d always go back to Lindsay.  She said so.  You always had a fling with other women, and then go back to Lindsay once you become bored with those other women.  I can’t be with you as a couple if you are a womanizer, Blaine,” Fiona said as she put her hand on his heart, and wiped her tears away with her other hand.

“I’m not a womanizer.  The relationship I had with Lindsay was complicated.  I was sick of complicated.  Tired of going through the same carousel routine.  I was going around and around, unable to get off the ride for a long time.  Every time I broke free of her, I did fall in love with someone else.  Then, Lindsay went out of her way to ruin my happiness with whoever it was I was involved with at the time.  She couldn’t stand to see me happy.  Then…”

“Enough.  I can’t hear anymore.  The hardest part of it all is I had fallen in love with you.  I thought you felt the same about me, “Fiona said while looking into his penetrating blue eyes.

“I don’t like to see you cry, Fiona.  You’ve got to believe me.  The only reason I had always gone back to her was because I sunk into my lowest point each time.  I was miserable alone.  When I needed to talk, I called her up, patched things up with her, got even deeper involved with her, until she started up with her bouts to change me into something I wasn’t.  She wanted me, but she didn’t want me the way I was, the way I am.  I’m not going to let her get to me anymore.  I’m going to fight for our relationship, Fiona.  I’m not going to throw away what you and I have.  She won’t destroy my happiness again,” Blaine said solemnly while gently taking hold of Fiona’s had, while stroking her shoulder with the other.

“How do I know you are telling the truth?  You never told me you had a son with her.  I think there is certainly more to the story than what you’re telling me.  You and Lindsay are forever bound together by the children.  That little boy of yours needs you.  The unborn child needs you.  Regardless of anything else, you belong with them and Lindsay.  The four of you are a family.  I can’t come between you, and your children.  And I can’t come between whatever is going on between you and Lindsay.  You need to figure out your life.  I don’t believe you know what you really want,” Fiona cried while choking on her words.

“I do know what I want.  I want you.  Fiona, you make me happy.  Being around you brings me something in life I’ve never felt before.  I’ve never known the kind of love I have with you.  You are the real thing,” Blaine cried, while fighting to hold back the tears, as Fiona broke away, and ran over to Beverley’s car when she pulled up to the curb.

Lindsay stood nearby, observing the entire scene.

She made sure Fiona was watching out of the car window when she ran up to Blaine, and kissed him passionately on the lips while embracing him.  Then, Lindsay let go of him once Fiona was long gone.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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Fiona 16: The Unexpected Encounter

Lindsay arrived at the party wearing a yellow fuzzy coat over a white sweater and black pants.  She was stunned to see Blaine there with another girl, upon entering the house.  They had been together for fifteen years.  Who is that with Blaine?  What’s he doing u her.  Just because I broke off our engagement a month ago doesn’t mean we are completely through.  Two weeks ago, we got back together.  He promised to take things slow.  Now he’s here at this party with someone else.  I wonder if I should approach them?  Then I’d be making a fool of myself, because knowing me, I’d lose my cool.  I feel like grabbing that girl by the hair and slapping her around.  As for Blaine, I’d like to take that drink away from him he’s holding, and throw it in his face.  Maybe I could grab a hold of his hand real quick and make him throw it in his own face.

Blaine had his arm around Fiona, when he glanced over in Lindsay’s direction.  Their eyes met.  Lindsay stood there stunned, not being able to move, because of the shock running through her body.  Maybe I should leave.  He’s heading this way with the other girl.  I’d like to see him wiggle his way out of this one.  How is he going to introduce me?  Will he introduce me to the girl.  Well, how do you like that?  He looked right at me with his arm still around the other girl, and he took her into the next room. 

Lindsay enters the party, follows Blaine, and confronts him.  “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend, Blaine?”

Blaine turns around, and sees Lindsay standing before him.  He looks at Fiona, and says, “Honey, I’d like to introduce you to Lindsay.  She and I were engaged a while back.  But that was a long time ago.  Remember, I told you about her.  She and I broke off our engagement a little over a month ago.  And we decided to go our separate ways.”

Fiona reaches offered a handshake to Lindsay to declined, “The niceties aren’t necessary, dear.  Why don’t you ask Blaine how his son is doing?”

Fiona looks back at Blaine, saying, “Your son?”

“Yes, his son.  He and I have a three year old son together.  We have another child on the way.  I’m three months along.  Oh, didn’t he tell you, Fiona, is it?”  Lindsay, blurted out with a smug look on her face.

“Fiona, I’m sorry.  I should have told you.  I know I should have, but Lindsay and I decided to see other people,” Blaine said as he struggled to find the right words to appease Fiona.

“But we’ve been dating for two and a half months.  So that would mean the two of you were together three months ago.  So were you still together with her when you decided to ask me out for the first time when we bumped into each other at the drug store?”

“At the time it was an on and off thing.  But right after I asked you out, I broke things off with her.  I promise,” he said solemnly while looking down at Fiona’s feet.

“You can’t even look me in the eye.  I trusted you.  I’m going to tell you something I never told you.  My sister warned me about you.  On the day before my twenty-ninth birthday, my sister warned me about a funny feeling she had about you.  She also told me things didn’t settle right about you.  But I didn’t listen to her.  So finally, she gave in to me, knowing I’d have to realize things for myself.  I wish I had listened to her.  I was so caught up in seeing you after all of these years.  Beverley told me it was very suspicious of you to ask me out, considering back in high school, you never even gave me the time of day.  Now I know why.  I was asked out on a rebound.  Wait, you hadn’t decided to stop seeing this Lindsay here until after you asked me out.  Was our going together to make her jealous.  No, that can’t be, because you didn’t know she’d be here, did you?”

Fiona shrieked with tears streaming down her face.

“Fiona, dear, take comfort in the fact he didn’t know I’d be here.  At least I didn’t know he’d be here.  I decided to come to this shindig on a whim.  But this is his and my favorite spot.  It’s where we first met.  I can’t speak for him, but I had no idea either of you would be here.  I was out a town for a couple of weeks, visiting with family.  I wasn’t supposed to get back until next week.  I had a job interview in Chicago.  So, no, he didn’t know I’d be here tonight.  How unfortunate for him,” Lindsay blurted, while glaring at Blaine.

“Blaine, I want you to take me home, now.  No.  Forget that.  I’m going to call my sister to come and pick me up.  You and I are through.  You lied to me.  What you did wasn’t only dishonest, but unforgivable,” Fiona blurted out while she broke free from Blaine’s hold and walked away.

“Fiona, I’m sorry.  But Lindsay and I were in a rocky relationship, back then.  I had been planning to break up with her at the time, anyway.  Even if I hadn’t run into you at the drug store that day, you’ve got to believe me,” Blaine shouted, as he ran after Fiona.

“Let’s see you wiggle your way out of this one, Blaine, dear?”  Lindsay blurted out while laughing to herself, “One way or another, justice would be served.  I told you, Blaine, dear, on the evening I got the call from you telling me we were through.  Now, it’s your turn to do the explaining to you little girl friend who won’t be yours for long.  And you come running back to me, just as you always do after you’ve had your run of your little fling.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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Fiona 15: Celebrating A Special Occasion

Fiona sat down at the dining room table and opened the large package.  Lifting the top off of the box, she opened up the tissue paper where folded neatly inside it was a beautiful dress with a card on top.  The card said, “For you night out with a special young man. With love, your sister Beverley.”

“I’m going to wear this tomorrow.  But I want to go hang it up right away,” Fiona said as she got up from her chair, and headed into her bedroom, where she hung it up in her closet.

“I’m glad you like it.  I thought things over last night.  I must tell you I didn’t sleep very well, after our fight, because it troubled me so.  You’ve always had good sense.  It’s important I put my trust in you.  The guy deserves a chance.  So, I want you to have fun tomorrow night, and the dress should add a lovely touch,” Beverley said from the dining room where she sat plating the salad into the plates.

Upon her return, Fiona, sat down again at the dining room table, scooping out some lasagna and plating it into the plates.  “Shall we have some sparkling water to celebrate tonight.”

“I was thinking we’d have some red wine.  But only a little bit, to celebrate your birthday tonight,” Beverley smiled while scooping up some lasagna with her fork and putting it into her mouth.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow.  He called my cell phone yesterday at the grocery store, when I was waiting in line at the bakery counter, and told me he was taking me to a play tomorrow, and then out to dinner, or actually, it’s the other way around.  We’ll be eating at a nice vegan restaurant.  Downstairs from the restaurant is where the owner of the restaurant produces and directs theatrical productions.  We will be seeing a lovely work about a troubled young man who has a difficult relationship with a male relative.  It’s suppose to be a powerful piece of work,” Fiona said while taking a sip of her wine, and dabbing her mouth with her napkin, “I’d like to thank you for making this birthday a special one for me, Beverley.”

“You’re the only sister I’ve got.  We rely on each other in good times and in bad.  It’s how things should be.  You’ve always been my source of strength and comfort, Fiona.  It’s important we continue to give moral support to each other.  I stand by your decision to see Blaine tomorrow night.  The Lord brought him back into your life for a purpose.  What the purpose is, I don’t quite know yet.  But all will be revealed in time.  For now, let’s enjoy the celebration.  So, how did things go yesterday at work.  As I recall, you were training some folks.  Did things go as smoothly as you hoped they would?”

“Some idiot hit me from behind.  He made me late to work.  Then, the girl who was supposed to go over the W-2’s and other forms with the new employees, never bothered to do so, because she never showed up to work for whatever reason.  She was also supposed to go over the policies of the store.  I had to take over all of that.  So, after thoroughly discussing all the material and answering all of their questions, we finally got the training underway.  Mr. Murray put this Gail girl to finish up the training for today.  I will continue training them tomorrow.  I’m going to make sure Gail didn’t miss anything,” Fiona said while collecting the dishes from the table.

“Isn’t she a good worker.  I’d hoped she’d be as competent of a worker as you are,” Beverley replied while following Fiona into the kitchen with the rest of the dishes.

“She’s alright.  But it’s important to be thorough.  I’m going to follow up with the trainees tomorrow to make sure everything she was supposed to cover with the was covered.  Then, on Sunday morning, I observe them to see how they do on their own.  On Tuesday, they will be given a written exam on all the policies and procedures,” Fiona laughed while putting her hands into the dish water, and washing the dishes.

Beverley dried the dishes while continuing the chat, “How are you coming with your copyedit work?  Any new and exciting projects this week?”

“I’m structuring, editing and proofreading a novel for a client.  I have another client who needs some work down on a resume and cover letter.  And yet another client, who needs some simple proofreading done on a short story.  It can be challenging at times, but I love the work.  The challenge is balancing my time doing those projects with the time I spend at my job at the department store.  But, as I said, I love the work.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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Fiona 14: The Bed Was Already Made

Rubbing her eyes, Fiona glanced over her alarm clock resting on the dresser.  It was twelve in the afternoon.  I can’t understand why Beverley didn’t wake me up earlier.  She didn’t wake me up at all.  I never set my alarm clock, because of my day off in celebration of my birthday.  I wonder if Beverley has gotten over the notion of my planning to go out with Blaine this Saturday night.  Oh well.  If she hasn’t, she hasn’t.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  She’s entitled to her convictions.  However, I’m also entitled to mine.  I’m sick of her treating me like a child.  She thought to herself while climbing out of bed and headed to Beverley’s room.

The bed was already made.  No sign of Beverley in her bedroom.  So she checked the living room, the bathroom.  Beverley wasn’t there.  She was no where to be found in the house.

“Beverley, where have you gone.  Some birthday this will turn out to be.  My sister abandons me.  We have a tiff over a guy I happen to be interested in, and she solves the conflict by abandoning me.  Nice.  So much for looking forward to any happiness.  How could you do this to me Bev.  I wouldn’t have done this to you,” Fiona yells while walking out the door the side door to check the yard.

Beverley wasn’t there, either.

Opening the garage door, Fiona discovered the car missing.  “Great.  Taking off without telling me where she’s going.  How could she have done this to me.  What did I do to deserve such treatment from my sister,” she grunted while slamming down the garage door.

Heading back into the house, Fiona entered the kitchen.  She rummaged through the refrigerator, and pulled out the container filled with the left over lasagna in it.

“Comfort food.  Just what I need at a time like this,” Fiona cried, while setting the container down on the counter, and reaching for a paper towel to dab away the tears from her eyes, “I wasn’t excited about turning twenty-nine years old, anyway.  It’s the worst age I’ve ever been.  But I hoped I’d at least have my sister to help me celebrate the occasion.  It would have soothed the blow of turning twenty-nine years old.  Now, she gives me the biggest blow of all.  Not wanting to be around me,” and she sunk to the floor caressing her legs with her arms, burying her face in them.

The phone rang.

Pushing herself up from the floor, Fiona dragged herself into the hallway, where she reluctantly picked up the receiver, “Hello,” saying solemnly, “No, my sister isn’t here right now.  Can I take the message.  Sure.  I’ll remind her of her appointment with you, Dr. Merrill.  For next week Tuesday at nine in the morning.  Alright.  Got the information noted down.  Thank you.  You too.  Bye.”

“I wonder why that sister of mine didn’t tell me about her upcoming appointment.  Oh well.  I guess it doesn’t really matter now, seeing as how she’s abandoned me,” Fiona shrieked while breaking down into tears, crying hard.

The crying was broken by the sound of a car pulling into the driveway.  She peered out the window where she got a glimpse of the car.  “Beverley’s returned,” she said softly to herself while hyperventilating, “She’s carrying a package of some kind,” and sighed.

Running outside to greet Beverley, she called out to her, “I’m so glad your home,” and embraced her.

“Of course I returned.  I left you a note,” Beverley said while handing her the package, “I bought this for you today.  It was a last minute thing.  Even though I already bought you a gift last week for today.  I wanted to buy something extra special to go along with it.”

“You left a note.  Where?  I didn’t see the note,” Fiona said while accepting the package from Beverley, “I looked for you everywhere in the house.”

“Honey, did you look on the counter?”  Beverley smiled.

“The counter?  All I saw up there was a piece of paper on the floor, but I never bothered to pick it up.  It must have fallen off of there when I slammed the refrigerator door shut, because I was upset about being left here alone on my birthday.  I was so distraught, I never once considered the notion of it being a note left by you saying where you were going,” Fiona cried while Beverley walked with her into the side door of the house.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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Fiona 13: All Will Be Revealed In Time

The night brought about its own accordance.  Through layers of light, Beverley woke up in another world.  Standing before her were her parents.  Her mother spoke first, “Beverley, we transported you into the spirit realm for a valid reason.  I want you to listen to what we have to say.  You need to let things happen as they will when it comes to your sister, regardless of the kind of feeling you have about Blaine.  She needs to fulfill her destiny, if she is to embrace life to the fullest.  Don’t allow your own fears to lead her to walk apart from you.  The two of you must rely on each other for strength and guidance.”

“But mom, I can’t let go of this feeling I have.  Something about Blaine doesn’t settle right with me.  And what’s he to do with Fiona’s destiny?”  Beverley asked as she accepted her mother’s hand, helping her rise from the ground.

“That’s something I can’t reveal to you.  The higher power will not allow us to reveal the future to you.  All we are allowed to do is to guide you.  She has enough on her plate.  Your sister carries a great weight on her shoulders as it is.  Let her unwind these feelings she has for the young man.  You must keep everything you know about her, and what we’ve told you throughout the years to yourself.  When your father and I were in our earthly bodies, we knew things, but never said anything.  Certain matters were revealed to you over the course of the past ten years.  Please guide your sister, and put your faith in the higher power she is on the correct path.  Don’t be afraid of what’s to come for her or for yourself.  Somehow, all will be revealed to you in time,” her mother said while pressing down firmly on her back, and sending her back to the earthly realm.

Opening her eyes from her sleep, Beverley climbed out of bed, and headed into the bathroom to splash some cool water over her face.

On her way there, she walked by Fiona’s room to check in on her, whispering, “Sleep well, Fiona.  Be strong.  I pray to the higher power you will make the right choices when it comes to Blaine.  Just know, whatever happens with the involvement with him, I will stand by you, always.”

Washing the sleep from her eyes, Beverley stares at her own reflection in the mirror, faced with her own uncertainties.  She caresses her face with her hands to feel the softness.  Then she strokes light brown hair, running her fingers through it, muttering to herself, “What will become of me?  I had the chance to ask my parents what will become of me, and I didn’t.  I should have asked them.  But, there was only a certain amount of time allotted for them to speak with me.  I must come to accept my failure to ask them about myself.  I know this isn’t about me.  It’s about my sister, and what she must do.  But what exactly, I don’t know.  Oh why don’t you know?” she cried softly to herself.

Reaching out to her own reflection, all she could do is stare at her opposite side, and take in all the emotion overcoming her.

“What is going to happen to Fiona should something happen to me?  What if I’m not around to help her, to take care of her?  I realize she is a grown woman.  She’s twenty-nine years old today.  She’s held her own even after I’ve gotten laid off three months ago.  Right now, Fiona is the only bread winner.  How will she go on, should I end up permanently joining my parents in the spirit realm.  I need more time.  I need more time with her.  Oh what am I saying?  I’m already talking like someone at death’s door.  I’m not giving in to death just yet.  There is still more I want to do with my life.  I just need time to do what I feel I need to accomplish.  Most of all, I need to be around to guide my sister on her destiny,” she whimpered as she blew her reflection a kiss, headed out of the bathroom, and went back into her bedroom where she sat on her bed and read for a while.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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Fiona 12: Sibling Rivalry

Beverley strove to keep busy, she just pulled the lasagna out of the oven when Fiona entered the kitchen with the lemon cake.  “I picked this up at the store on the way home, sister, dear.  Also, I got a call from Blaine.  He’s going to be picking me up at seven-thirty on Saturday night.  And…”

She was stopped mid sentence when Beverley raised an index finger in the air for a time out.  “I already saw Mrs. Stinson.  I know you said you wanted to buy coffee cake for me to take to her.  However, I’ll take the lemon cake to her on the next visit.  I visited with her this afternoon.  And we had a nice talk.  She told me, in addition to having chemo, she had her tumor removed by surgery.  So, even if I had the tumor removed, there is still the possibility I’d need chemo.  But I’ll talk to my doctor about it when I see her on Monday.  Now, if you will continue, I’d be happy to hear about your day.”

“I was going to say, Blaine told me he’s looking forward to our date.  I’m going to go through my pieces tonight after dinner to decide which ones I’d like to show him.  Anyway, what else did you and Mrs. Stinson talk about?”  Fiona asked while putting the lemon cake in the refrigerator.  Near the back she saw a beautiful package, containing a cake which read, “Happy Birthday, Fiona.”  Her eyes welled up with tears.  Even through all her worries, my sister managed to buy me a birthday cake.  She has her cancer to contend with; yet, she remembered to buy me a cake for my birthday.

 “Just general things.  Her family.  You, Blaine, and your upcoming date,” Beverley responded while plating out the lasagna.

Wiping her eyes with her hands, Fiona asked, “What about Blaine and our date?  Why would she want to know about him?”

“I brought it up, Fiona.  It’s just that his intentions make me suspicious.  He…”

“What about his intentions.  He likes me.  I like him.  We’re going out Saturday to enjoy each others company,” Fiona blurted out while grabbing some silverware from the drawer.

“He never gave you the time of day in high school.  Yet, all of a sudden, he’s interested in going out with you.  Why would he not have asked you out when you were in high school?  Why wait until now?  What’s the catch?”  Beverley asked taking the plates inside the dining room, while Fiona brought in some glasses of water and the silverware.

“He probably had lots of things on his mind.  For instance, his studies.  And besides, I never even told him back then I like him.  Never gave him any indication I was interested in him, because I was good at hiding my feelings.  Just be happy for me, will you?” Fiona shouted as she sat down picking away at her plate of lasagna.

“Are you sure he doesn’t have any hidden motive or agenda?  To be honest with you Fiona, I don’t trust him.  But, you are a grown woman, and are more than capable of deciding for yourself, as to whether or not getting involved with the man is the right thing for you to do regarding your own best interest.  If you want to get involve with him, you certainly don’t need my permission.  I can’t stop you.  I don’t want to stop you.  It’s your life.  The only thing you can do is see how everything plays out.  That’s all.”

After putting a bite of lasagna into her mouth, Fiona dropped her fork onto the plate, got up and left the dinner table.

“Fiona, where are you going?  You didn’t finish your dinner.  You need to eat something,” Beverley said while getting up from the table and following Fiona into the living room where she sulked on the sofa.

“Why do you have to ruin things for me, Beverley.  First of all, I know what I’m doing.  I’ll be twenty-nine years old tomorrow.  Don’t you think I have some common sense?  Am I stupid, and not able to decide for myself about people?  Honestly,” Fiona said bluntly, “I don’t want to talk right now.  I’m too upset with you to further discuss the matter of Blaine anymore with you.  I came home in a great mood, excited about the date, and here you are being negative about it.  You do all you can to bring me down,” while tossing one of the sofa pillows at her.

Picking up the pillow from the floor, Beverley walked over to Fiona, gave her the pillow and said, “I’m sorry.  I can’t help feeling the way I do.  I have this unnerving feeling there’s much more to the guy than meets the guy.   But, maybe you should at least give him a chance to see how things play out.  Just be careful.  Something about the guy doesn’t settle right with me, that’s all,” and walked over to the lounge chair where she relaxed for the remainder of the evening.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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Fiona 11: The Trip To The Grocery Store

The bakery department was filled with sweet aromas of the cakes, doughnuts, bagels, croissants, and muffins.  Gathered around the counter were different kinds of cakes, but there wasn’t any coffee cake laid out.

“May I help you, please,” said a smiling, pudgy woman who stood behind the counter with a hairnet on.

“Yes.  I’m interested in purchasing some coffee cake, but I don’t see any out here.  Do you have anymore in the back?”  Fiona asked while looking at the cakes behind the glass case.

“I’m sorry.  We sold the last one five minutes ago.  But we do have pumpkin and lemon cakes available, if you’d like.”

“I’ll take some lemon, thank you,” Fiona replied while adjusting the shoulder strap of her purse.

While she waited for the woman to return with the lemon cake, Fiona’s phone was buzzing.  “Hello.  Blaine.  Hi.  I’ve been looking forward to your call ever since we last spoke.  Yeah, I’m looking forward to our date this coming Saturday night.  Seven?  Actually, I’m working until five.  Depending on how the traffic is, I’d need at least between forty-five minutes to an hour to get home.  How about if you picked me up at seven-thirty?  Great.  Thank you so much for your understanding.  No, I won’t forget.  I’ll definitely show you a few of my pieces, as well.  How about when you bring me home from my date.  You can come in for some coffee.  We can talk some more, and I can show the pieces then.  You would?  Oh, I’m so glad.  See you later.  I’ll be thinking of you too.  Bye,”

The woman came to the counter placing the lemon cake on top of it.  “I’m so sorry for the wait.  But it took me a while to find the lemon cake.  This is the last one.  Would you like to pay for it here or up front?”

“I’ll pay for it up front.  I have some more shopping I’d like to do, first,” Fiona replied as she headed to the other side of the store to the health and beauty department.

Walking through the aisle with hair equipment and accessories, she stopped to examine some scrunchies.  “Hmm.  Such a variety of beautiful colors.  But nah.  Maybe I’ll go with a barrette for my hair.  Shall I go with the simulated diamonds, or should I get one with colorful stripes.  On second thought, I’ll buy some headbands, instead,” she said while putting the barrettes and the scrunchies back.

There was a woman further down from her looking at the crimpers and curling irons.

The scent of her perfume tickled Fiona’s nose, causing her to sneeze.  She also began coughing uncontrollably.  Her throat was like sandpaper inside.

Running out of the aisle, she headed to the back of the store, where she took some gulps of water to cool the irritation.  By then, her eyes began watering from having coughed so hard.  Her arm muscles carried within the a fire spreading throughout her body.  The hard coughing caused an sensation similar to a bolt of electricity going through her body.

Wiping drops of water away from her lips with her hand, and holding the cake and the headband in the other hand, she proceeded to the front of the store, where she got into the checkout line.

While waiting, she glanced at the periodicals on the stand nearby.  A woman cut in the front of her, grabbed a copy of the National Enquirer, and a People magazine.  Then, she went to the back of the line.

How and why would people actually buy such fluff.  Clearly, it’s nothing but lies in those papers and magazines.  The problem is some people in this world have the National Enquirer as the Gospel truth.  Honestly.  A man born half human and half goat.  Really?  That’s something only found in mythology, and folklore.  Yet, the head honchos at the National Enquirer and other such papers do and say anything just to make a quick buck.  If it’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s dishonesty  It’s not an authentic journalistic paper.  Fiona thought to herself, while setting the lemon cake and the scrunchie down on the conveyor belt.

Standing directly behind Fiona was a mother scolding her three small children, because they took some potato chips from the shelves.  “You kids put those back.  I told you you’re not getting any chips.  You’ll spoil your dinner.”

“Then, I want a candy bar,” the children said in unison.

“No.  You’re not getting anything.  You can have the cherry flavored sparkling water when you get into the car, if you wanted something sweet.  It’s better for you than a candy bar, because there’s no sugar in it.  It’s flavored with artificial sweetner,” she said while grabbing the chocolate bars out of their hands and putting them back on the shelves.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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Fiona 10: Waiting Out The Storm

Rain cried as it hit the pavement, filled with an uproar of emotion in the sky.  Dark clouds emerged, crashing into one another.  Fiona could barely see the other cars in front of her, due to the storm.  She rolled down her windows on the driver side and the front passenger side to see more clearly, because visibility through her windshield was terrible.  Pulling the car off to the side of the road, she waited out the storm.  Drops of rain came through the windows, as she scurried about rolling them up.  Splashing of water could be heard as the tires of the passing cars drove through because the roads were flooded.

“Come on, Lord.  Why do you do this to me now?  I’m trying to come home from work, but I can’t drive any further due to this flood.  I have this to deal with in addition to my sister’s cancer.  Why do you challenge me?  I’m stuck doing a job I hate at the department store, until I become established as a copyeditor.  My business is progressing slowly, but not fast enough.  I don’t dare get on my cell phone, because of the storm.  I don’t want to get electrocuted should lightening start up,” Fiona muttered, while keeping her hands firmly on the steering wheel.

Leaning over to the front passenger seat, she grabbed her purse, and rummaged through it looking for her lipstick.  She also grabbed a piece of candy to get the moisture going back into her mouth.  All the talking she did during the training session dried her mouth.

She lay the back of her head against the headrest and closed her eyes, reflecting on her day during the training session, and about her life in general.  Boredom set in, and she drifted off to sleep with the motor still running.

Fiona was startled when she heard a tap on her driver window.  Slowly rolling down, she was surprised to see a policeman standing before her eyes.  “Yes, officer.  What can I do for you?”

“Miss, is there a problem here?”  he inquired while furling his eyebrows, while leaning his hand on the roof of the car.

“The problem is you’ve come to a stop of the side of this road; yet, your motor is still running.  If you’re having car problems, you need to use flares, and turn on your emergency lights so other folks on the road know you need assistance,” he said firmly.

“No officer.  There rain was coming down hard.  So much so, visibility was terrible.  I just thought I’d wait out the storm.  Otherwise, I would have proceeded to my destination,” she said, yawning, and stretching her arms.

“It’s alright to go now.  The storm is dying down gradually.  Drive carefully through this flood,” he said while tapping the roof of the car with his hand, “If you do have any car trouble in the future, remember what I told you about the flares, and the emergency lights.”

“Thank you, officer.  I will,” she replied while pulling out a bottle of eye drops from her purse.  The drops brought on a cooling sensation in her eyes.  As the drops dripped down her face, she dabbed at her eyes with her tissue.

Upon her arrival to the grocery store, the storm completely stopped.  The sun was peaking through the clouds.

And elderly man walked by grasping his cane with one hand, and three bags of groceries with another.  He lost his balance, while still holding onto the bags, struggling to brace himself with his cane..

Fiona ran over to him.  “Sir, allow me to lend my assistance.  You shouldn’t be carrying these heavy plastic bags of groceries.  Why didn’t you put them into the grocery cart?  You could have pushed it out to your car, and would have had to struggle with your walking,” she advised him.

“Young lady, I’m a stubborn fool, I guess.  I wanted to prove to myself I’m still young enough to handle anything.  I don’t feel like I’m 83 years old, even though I am.  I feel more like a younger man of 22years.  I feel like I can conquer the world.  Then, reality sets in, and a mishap like this happens.  But, I do thank you for you help and concern.  May God bless you, dear,” he said while leaning against Fiona, walking to his car.

He opened the trunk, and Fiona set the bags of groceries inside.  She saw to it the elderly man was safely inside his car, and then proceeded toward the entrance of the grocery store.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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