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The trip was announced by  hubby  a month before the departure date. It  made me so  uneasy. There were a lot of things to  be  considered. The preparation for the trip, the itinerary and all.

Departure time:

We  had to  go  early to  the port  to  have luggage checked and board early. Baby  was with us, he was  4 months that  time.  That was so  difficult for us to  move with pieces of luggage and with baby. We  had to  queue a very  long  snaky  line.


When we already  boarded, it  was such a relief.  We could relax and feel better amd baby  could lie down. We just  slept for 7 hours then  when we woke up, we were there in a different place.


On board:

It  was not actually  a smooth sail, we met heavy rain in the middle of the sea. I couldn’t help  but to  panic.  That  didn’t last  long anyway. Maybe for 30 minutes only. Praise God.



We  were fetched by  sister-in-law from the pier.

In the house:

Baby  was carried one after the other. Never put down. All of them welcomed me warm-heartedly. My  fear turned into the opposite.

Day 1: (Arrival)

Meeting all relations. Names hard to  memorise but faces becoming more and more familiar. Faces of everybody showed gladness of our arrival. We  were spared early by visiting neighbors because they knew we were more than tired. We  clambered up the bed.

Day 2:

We  have to  wake up  early and took a bath. But  we had to  walk  a kilometer to  do  that. After a long w alk, we reached a stream. We  had to  bathe in a stream. We had to  do  the laundry in the stream. We can also fetch water from the stream. Stream is indeed the source of life in their arEa.


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