I love saying that health is wealth. I always value health  but never thought  to  care for it. Till I got  the cure  of my own medicine. The literal  one. I never expected having those sickness because as for me, I feel just  fine. I just  had ordinary cough and colds. Till I was asked by the company  physician that     I ‘ve got to  have some laboratory  tests, I was laughing inside me because I knew it myself that  he was wrong and it  wasn’t necessary.  When I told the story  my  mum, she forced me to  see a specialist  doctor. And as I grew up  obedient,  I  do as I was told.

I was waiting for the doctor for 2 hours. I was late for work so  I informed the office why  I was tardy. When it  was my  turn  to  open  the doctor’s door, she looked at me awkwardly then asked what  was the matter with me.  I told her about the age of my cough and I told her that  I have alternating feverish  feeling. Those were also  the reason  why   I was asked by the physician to  have some laboratory  tests. I only  had CBC or CENTRAL BLOOD COUNT and was about to  have X-RAY.

She had some checks on me.  Then found out that there was something wrong with my lungs. I laughed when she said that  I have possible pneumonia.  “Why  would I have?” on my mind.  Then suddenly her words sank. I was nervous. Then she called for admition or shall we say hospital  confinement. It  scared me because I just  experienced attending to relatives in hospital  but  of course, when I delivered a baby, that was another story. Another thing that scared me was that  family really would panic. Husband would be very worried and mum would be very emotional.  And I  wasn’t wrong.



And It Grows!

I was so  worried. It has been two  weeks now since I planted the seeds into the egg and hasn’t grown yet. But  I was still hopeful. Like I always do.  Never lose hope. Never give up.

I still kept on  checking it every  now and again. And I changed its location to  somewhere a bit colder. In the bathroom. I just  ask people in the house to put  it outside in the morning and put it back at  9am. I can’t do my  own responsibility because I am  way away from home.

Then one day,  when I checked it, I saw green plants grown some length. I was so  happy. I ran to my mum who  was holding my  baby.  I told her the good news and she told me that  she kept on watering it which I forgot to  remind everyone.

Husband also  took a look at  it and said that  there were two  more plants inside. It made me more happy. I did not  expect it. I almost  lost  hope but  then it  happened as I almost tried ot  give up.

But one more problem, I am not  sure  whether those plants growing are actually  mint  plants. What  is they  are just  some weeds. OH!!!!! such a pain  it  could be. But  I still hope that  those are mint plants.

Now I am thinking on what  could be  a very  good type of pot to  use by the moment I transplant my  plants. I am now looking for the do’s and don’ts in caring mint plants.

I am also excited to  revoke my news to  my  stduent. At  first  I told her that  the seeds did not  grow and now, I am so  happy to tell her that  it  has grown at last.

The  happy Kendra-lala here.


The Great Fall

Whenever I am home, I never fail on  checking for little green leaves peering out the egg opening. But  I was so  disappointed. I expected it to  grow in at least  within 3 days but mum said there was nothing. I was so  sad. But  I was still hoping.


Then one day, mum called me  with a very  sad voice. There was a long pause between her and I at first. Then when she gathered strength, she pulled herself into  talking. She said that  the egg fell. But  she swears that  she did not mean it. She said that  my husband put in on the top of the refrigerator so  that  niece and nephew could reach it and play  with it. Then mum did not notice one time especially  that  she was in a hurry  to get the cloth  on top  of the refrigerator. Then in a whooosssh! The egg fell. But  she said she returned every  bit of soil inside it. The egg was not totally  wrecked anyway. Just  a litle bit more crack down the bottom. Three times the destruction  as I did to  it the first time. But it  still has the capability  of holding what’s inside together.


By the moment o f that  call,  I was in  a hurry because I have to  eat  lunch  before the time. I only  had ten minutes left. So  I bid goodbye the quickest  way  possible. Then I told her that we’d just talk again soon. I’ll call again next time. She thought  I was mad at her.

Of course I was not mad. Why  should I be mad. It was my  mum. I love my  mum more than that  poor egg.  But  mum thought  I was mad at her.  My husband called and I just laughed. So  he tried to  explain  it to mum.  That  was thegreat fall!


As I have mentioned in my last  post, my  student from Japan brought  and gave me an artificial  egg where in I could grow my  mint. I was so excited to  have it grown even if another voice in my  head is saying that  there is a less possibility  thath  I’d be able to  grow it because of the climate we have here in my  country.

This is how it looks like. At first, it really  looks like a real  egg. It  is sitting on an egg case but  in its  case it is siting alone and it fits well to it receptacle. It was flattened at  the bottom so  it  wouldn’t roll and be able to avoid accident.

There was an intruction that  the top of the egg should be cracked a little to open  to pour scatter the mint  seeds with a spoon. So I did the same as what  the instructions said.  Husband was laughing at my  face when he saw that  the cracked went directly down its bottom. I almost  cried so  he helped me open  it. Then I poured the seeds and added a small amout of water. I should not drown my  seeds or worse, wash away the seeds.

I placed it indoor because that  was 1pm. The sun was at its hottest. I should not dry kill my  future mint plants. To  my excitement. I kept on watching my egg with the hope that  there were little plants creeping out from the stones, sands and soil  inside the egg. Husband laughed at me again saying that  it is not magic that  grows in just  a matter of hours. I knew the logic but  I just  can’t help  amazed.

The next  day, I put it outdoor to  get  some sunlight  and pour  right  amount of water.

Would it ever  grow? Keep posted!


Sharing gifts

While in the middle of the sumptuous dinner,  she said that she brought  something for me. Actually, some things! Because that was not just  one but  many. Not just  for me but  as well as for my  baby  boy.

She explained what she got for us. She packed all the stuff for me. That  includes, eye lash  mascara, eye shadow,  body wash, some snacks like  strawberry-chocolate flavored biscuits, cocolate filled biscuits and the most  amazing that she got for me was the baked sweet potato  do nut. That was very  very yummy. I love it. There was also  a myterious egg that  she brought  for me. That was EGGLING. I  just  have to  crack a little bit of its top  to open and fill the mint seeds. She game me instructions but  I don’t  think it’d grow in my  place.


She also  wrapped my  baby’s tax  differently. I wonder what was inside. I wanted to open it but she did not  want  me to.  She said that  I should open it by  the moment I arrive home in the presence of my baby. I was excited. Together with her presents were many  more snacks. Biscuits, fruit gum candy  and many  others I couldn’t remember.

But  of course, I also  gave her something from my  place.  I gave her Lucky Me Instant Pancit canton chilimansi (chili-calamansi also  known as golden lime) flavor and sweet flavor. I included dried mangoes in the pack. We also  have a flat  bread here in the Philippines which is a muscovado-filled unleavened flatbread. It  is made of dough  and glucose syrup. It is called PIAYA here in the Philippines. One of the inclusions is PINASUGBU it  is another delicacy  here made from banana.  It  is a fried thinly-slice banana  and dipped into  dark caramel and sprinkled with sesame seeds.  There was also  OTAP. An oval  shaped pastry  that is flaky  and brittle when bitten. It also  has sugar  on top. Last  but not the least  is ROSQUILLOS. Those  are cookies named after the spanish word rosca which means ringlet  in the Philippines.


I was also  supposed to give her chicharn but I had no  time to buy because I couldn’t just risk giving her chicharun. There is  a specific area that  produces the yummiest  chicharun. By the way  chicharun is made of different cuts of pork and sometimes ram meat.


Now, I am planning to complete my checklist  of delicacy  to  let her taste. Hopefully  before this year ends, I’d be able to  do tick every item in my list!


I was almost  ran out of topic. So  I just  asked about her trip, about what  her family thought  about her lone journey to  my  country, her stay  at  waterfront, was she satisfied or what, and wasn’t she threatened by  the danger posing by  the place and a lot more questions just  to  have topics to talk about.  She never stopped smiling and laughing in every  answer that  she reponds.

During the meal, I have been long waiting for the rice to be served while initially  eating the food served first. I ate slowly  so  I would not feel full by  the moment rice was served. But  3o minutes had passed.  There was no  rice served.  I was afraid that  none really  would arrive so  I just  ate to my  heart’s content and my  stomach’s content. I just  remembered that  she laughed one time why  Filipino  fast  food and Philippine bases fast  food like KFC serve rice. In Japan they  don’t. They  just  eat  rice when they are at  home but  when they  are eating out, they  don’t order and rice isn’t available and not included in the meal and menu.  So  by  that,I was hopeless to  receive rice. I just  eat  meat  and ramen.

The funniest was when I surrendered using chopsticks because I feel terrible at  using it. The Japanese manager  told me “So, you  surrender using chopsticks?” Then we all laughed. I use chopsticks when I am with friends because they can’t spot subtle mistakes but when you  are eating with a native user, that  is a bad idea.

So  she challenged me to  practice using the sticks because she said that  she’ll return with her whole family and I should be using chopsticks by  that  time. I was laughing. I know I couldn’t make it.  Too  BAD!



Our Extravagant Chat

I was out of the world as I was inside the elevator. My  mind was somewhere else floating. My heart beated fastly  as the elevator clanked open. My  feet  voluntarily  stepped out from the box as if it  has its own mind.  My heart couldn’t stop  pounding fast. I was trembling on my way  out.


As I was heading left  of the elevator to  the back entrance of the building, I saw a visitor having her things checked by  the security  guard  and looked so  lost. I bulged my eyes as I saw a very  familiar  figure of a mid-50’s woman. It  was her. I was so  sure of it. A hundred percent sure.  I just  ran towards her as she saw me and shouted my  name. I was so  excited and my nervousness was all gone. I couldn’t help  smiling. She hugged me she said she coujldn’t believe that she was actually  seeing me at  last. That  was a great  achievement for me. She spent a lot of yen just  to  see her teachers and reserve a time of her very  hectic schedule.

Then she ushered me to  Q-BAY. A japanese  restaurant owned by  my  Japanese employer. Then she asked me to  order. But I just  left  her take the orders because I couldn’t understand Japanese characters and I couldn’t understand Japanese food names. She took  all the talk to the waiter who  was also  a Filipino.

She ordered a lot of chicken dishes, from liver to  skin, to intestine, to  meat, salad, and of course RAMEN! They  have got a very  yummy  ramen which made me go  back again and again.  The ambience was so Japanese especially  that I was talking to  a very  nice JAPANESE celebrity.  She looked so  fit. Not  so  tall but  not as short as me. Her face just look  like a typical  Japanese person. Her  has bob cut  hair and I just  noticed that  she has mole in her lips. She looks very  attractive of that  mole. Then just  like what  she usually do in  our class, she talks a lot and laughs more.



I  was so  out of the world. My  heart  pounded to  the ceiling. I couldn’t sleep  that  morning. I was so  anxious.   I kept on walking every after my   classes when I was at  work.  I went to my  friend  and shared the feeling to  her and back to my  chair. I kept on releasing heavy sighs. My friend tried to  help  me release the strees. She applied a little make up  on my  face. What the!!! I even forgotten that stuff? Yeah, I did.  Because I was so  upset.


I  did not actually know scared me. What  made me feel that way. I just  did feel it. Is it my fault? Hope not! That  was really a very  situation to me.  6PM struck. I almost  couldn’t breathe. I kep  biting my lips and heavy  sighs. Shut  my  eyes for a few seconds and back. Fisted and tried to  gain strength. I was like getting into  the court. I am really  not a social  person. I have poor PUBLIC RELATION  skill.







then TIME began to  move quickly. How I wished I could slow it down or even change it and make the time 1,000,000 hours away.  I was inside the elevator with other noisy  people.  I have never felt so  irritated before of noise. I wanted to  have peace so  I could think  straight. I wanted something to happen with the elevator so  I coujld cancel the meeting. Or maybe trapped there. That  time, it  was better to  have something worse to happen  to  me than being able to  meet  her.


Another thing that  scared me was my  “what if’s?”

What  if I wouldn’t be able to  see her  becasue she has forgotten?Should I look  for her? Where? Outside or inside?


There were a lot of questions in my  mind. I am this kind of  person. I tend to  overthink. I do this so I’d know if ever something bad suddenly crops up  or even the worst.

Fast Approaching Days

It turned out that  I misunderstood the plan. That was really  a mistake. But  it did not make me feel happy nor excited. Instead, I was very, very  nervous.  She kept on enrolling in  my  class and couldn’t help  to  giggle upon excitement. I couldn’t believe that  she felt that way.

She asked me on what I wanted to  have as a gift  from Japan. I just said nothing or that  anything is fine. She also  wanted to  bring something for my baby  boy.  I also  said that  even without presents, that  was fine as long as I would be able to  see her in person. Knowing that  she is famous in  Japan. Not just  of being an owner of a successful pharmaceutical company  but  because of her sport.

She already  shared a lot about her sport and company. Both  are really  interesting and unbelievable.  But  let us just  focus on her pre-trip. She asked her husband and children about the trip  which she called, TRIIP  FOR KENDRA.   I was so  flattered. But  I was also  relieved when I knew that  she also  had  another favorited teacher from the morning shift. I thought  that  at  least  if I would disappoint her,  there is another teacher who  could at least  save the trip  and make it something memorable and not regretful.

I have also  known that they  would be meeting lunch time since she’d arrive Friday  night. The next  day, Saturday  at  9  am she’d have her classes till 7 pm. So  she’s have time to meet the other at  noon.  We on the otherhand, would be at dinner time during my  break since I work on Saturdays now. My  breaktime is 6:30 pm-  7:30 pm. I only  have an hour to  meet  and greet  her. And I was very, very, very  nervous. More than ever.  I couldn’t remember the last  time I felt that way.

The Forgotten Promise

I expected my  student to  arrive the first  weekend of October. But I haven’t heard any word from her. So  I lost  hope and did not expect anymore.  I had many  inferences. Maybe she did not pursue her plan or maybe she was so  busy  with her business and forgotten about me.


That  was also  a blessing in disguise because I don’t like meeting people. Especially  if it is an intentional meeting. Unless if they  are my friends, close friends and the like, having an appointment with them is more than okay. But in situation like that  I don’t know how to react in things, I don’t know what  to say.  That  is very  hard and awkward. Expecially if the person is a bit shy. Most of them  are very  contained. But I could see that  my  student is not one. She is ery talkative and I just  let her talk  all through out the classes.  But  what  if she changes by  the moment of her coming? Personal talk  and cyber talk  are really different.


That  is why  I was so  pleased that  she did not actually  arrive. THough  it is embarrassing whenever colleagues and family  asked me on how was my  day  with the student. I just  said how glad I was because it did not realize. But  honestly, deep inside me, there was pain and disappointment.

But  why  should I complain? Yeah, that  is right. Life is full of fun and disappointments.

I  always have a technique to  move on from things that  hurt  me.  Push it out  of my  head and never again think of it. I know that  is inevitable.

One day  the student enrolled in my  sched. I did not bother to  ask about her trip. Then she suddenly opened the topic of it then she announced that  she’s come the coming weekened. So my  jaw dropped. I  made a mistake. There was misunderstanding then the fear  grew again in my heart.