Each society has various symbols which they use to communicate certain  thimgs. For instance, in our culture, a young child is happy and excited when they enter standard one. Going to school is a positive symbol of growing up. The child feels happy to be like every other child by attending school and going to school signifies a sense of maturity which leaves behind the babyhood days. Some of the common symbols of self in our culture will be mentioned.
People in our culture value good and expensive clothes.cothes may be a way of protecting oneself, a means of defying the social standards of rules of dress. A person may wear clothes as a symbol of communicating something to people. For instance, expensive clothes portray the message that the person has a lot of money, while tattered clothes portray the opposite.
Excessive interest in clothes than is normally shown by other people of the same age may be an indication of an unfavorable self-concept. Excessive interest may be shown by keeping up with the latest fashion, talking constantly about good clothes and poor clothes and spending too much money on clothes in proportion to ones income. A person who has poor self –concept may dress carelessly or poorly. He or she may feel that the world does not have a favorable opinion of him and likewise treats him as the world sees him.
Certain clothes suggest that certain aspects of one’s personality. Hurlock 1974 mentions that a study of the relationship between dress and selected measures of personality among women college students, it was found that those whose interests in dress centered on decoration were conscientious, conventional, conforming, non-intellectual, sociable, submissive and sympathetic.
Interest in economy in dress was found to be associated with a tendency to be responsible, conscientious, alert, efficient, precise, and controlled, while interest in comfort in dress was associated with a tendency in self-controlled, socially cooperative, and sociable.
The following are some of the many qualities which clothes symbolize.

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