the second most important way in which personality shows itself is the in the desire to judge others accurately.
Social success is based on one’s ability to get along with people.
Social insight, which refers to the ability to judge others accurately and self insight which refers to the ability to judge oneself accurately improves with age.
Persons who are superior with social and self insight are generally more popular and enjoy greater social acceptance than those who lag behind in these two characteristics.
Leaders are chosen from people who have a high social insight, because they are more sensitive to other people needs and therefore better able to take care of their interests.
In every day life, people often make judgment of the personality patterns of those with whom they come across. But judgments may most often than not be in accurate for two reasons:
1. they are based on the manifest of the personality only and not on the Inner one.
2. They are based on cultural stereo types
Real personalities are often cloaked by Social approved behavioral patterns. They manifest personalities on which first Impression are based.
Later contacts may provide a better insight into the personality pattern.
However people are used to acting according to social expectations thus covering up their real motives that they themselves don’t know what their real personalities are like.
Therefore under such conditions, it would be difficult for an observer I have to make an accurate judgment of their personalities.
In young children, the real and manifest personalities are generally the same but as the child grows older and is more in contact with the society; he/she learns to cloak socially inappropriate behavior in order to create a favorable impression on others.
An individual who suffers from marked feelings of personal inadequacy may succeed in crafting an impression of self confidence and self assurance by dressing in the latest styles and boasting of his achievements, by making derogatory remarks about other people and by behaving in self assertive manner.
The manifest personality of this person gives no impression that they feel inadequate.

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