all of us at one time or another may have asked ourselves the question, who am I. The answer to the question will depend on perceptions, beliefs, feelings, values and attitudes which we attribute to ourselves; these perceptions or views are either positive or negative.
Allport 1961 described the self-concept as:
“The self is something of which we are immediately aware. We think of it as the warm, central, private region of our life. As such it plays a crucial part in our consciousness, in personality and our organism. ”
Jersild 1965 gives a more compressive definition of the concept of self.
” the self, as it finally evolves, is made up of all that goes into a person’s experiences of his individual existence. It is a person’s inner world. It is a composite of a person thoughts, feelings, strivings and hopes, fears and fantasies, his view of what he is what he has been, what he might become, and his attitudes pertaining to his worth. ”
The concept of self has three major components; the perceptual, the conceptual and the attitudinal.
these are the images people have of the appearance of their bodies as well as the impressions they make on others.  It also includes the attractiveness and sex appropriateness of their bodies.  The perceptual component is often termed as the physical self-concept.

this concept refers to people’s awareness of their distinctive characteristics, their abilities and disabilities, their background and origin and their future.
This is sometimes called the physiological self-concept and it is composed of such personality qualities as honesty, self-confidence, Independence, conformity and their opposites.
included in this component are the people’s feelings about themselves, their attitudes about themselves, their views about their present status and future prospects, their feelings about their worthiness, self-esteem, pride, and shame.
Attitudinal self-concept also includes beliefs, conviction, values, ideals, aspirations, and comments.
This is the component that makes up people’s philosophy of life.

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