So I am getting married next year and the meaning of marriage has definitely been on my mind. I know I want to be this amazing wife and mother but really when you think about it……..what does marriage actually mean? Do you think of it as something “Holy”, or as a way of feeling closer and more committed in your relationship, or simply as a legal contract with no emotional or spiritual meaning?

Marriage to me means loving that person unconditionally. Having a bond with that person and making God the center of it. I want to be my husbands best friend and the person he can always count on. I want to make him happy and lift him up when he’s down. It’s going to be me and him against the world. I believe that if you truly put God in the center of your relationship things will always be better. Am I saying it will be easy…….definitely not. I just believe that today’s society is so self centered that people can’t see past themselves to think about others. I hope I haven’t offended anyone and if I have that wasn’t my intentions. It has been on my mind a lot and I want to see what everyone else has to say.