Learning My Own Way

Everything in this world must be learned and everyday is a learning for me. Everyone’s life is not perfect, and my life is so imperfect. I came to live by learning everyday, I know I have not learned enough even a half of what life is all about.

Living alone makes me a teacher of my own learning especially at home. I do learned from other people, from my family but yet they are far from me, from my office mates whom I work everyday, from my friends who’s always there when I needed them most, from my neighbors who I can called for a speedy help when I’m in trouble at home and to other people whom I don’t know but I encountered everyday.

Now, importantly I need to learn from my own, life is not certain and I cannot predict what will happen to me soon. One night I cannot sleep, I was thinking of some food I missed from home, I want to eat something that me myself have cook the next day when I wake up, food that I don’t buy outside or in any fast food chain and restaurant. I admit it I don’t really know how to cook but I want to eat something healthy. I told myself too, what if all those restaurant closes, and all the people around me was all gone and no one would help me or teach me how to cook.

I would be hungry all my life or I may be living a life buying process food on the market and will be sick because of that. My realization that night make me push myself to learn from my own, to do in some hard way, it doesn’t matter if at first I failed, I would be eating those food alone if it happens. Starting the day I wake up after that night I put myself in the kitchen and then eventually I can cook my own food now, I can even cook for others especially when I come home for a vacation I’m sure Mom would be surprise to know that I cook and stay in the kitchen.