Excited No More

Two months ago I received a message from my dear best friend, a classmate of mine since preschool until we graduated in high school. Its been 10 years that we haven’t see each other and because of that we missed each other so much. We happened to talk and chat on Facebook two months ago due to a very busy schedule and she has good new for me. This November on her birthday she will be going home to celebrate it here and she asked me to go with her to the beautiful beach of El Nido in Palawan in which its our dream since were studying in high school, to travel together when we have work and money in the future. It seems that, that dream is going closer and were so happy and excited for that.

I’m almost ready for that trip because few days from now its already November. I can’t wait to see her, and hug her and enjoy the travel and the company together just like before. The plan was all set, tickets are even booked, were just waiting for that day that she will fly here and we’ll see each other then will fly together to Palawan.

The two months of excitement was all gone in just a day or even in an hour. The moment that I read her post on Facebook about cancelled flights on November due to APEC Summit here in the country. She was so sad telling me about that, feeling so disappointed, I don’t know still if she can make it on the other month or if her ticket has been re-booked. I hope so because we already spend money on our tickets and the excitement of seeing each other again is more important. I hope Airlines will allowed flights for November so that we can fulfill our dreams.

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