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It gets better each and every time

Posted by on September 30, 2014



JD MastheadI have so been longing to try some more jerky. It has been a whole month since I have had any jerky. I have walked through the store many times in the last month and wanted to buy some but I knew I would be getting some more soon. I got me a new shipment of jerky in today.

I was a sleep when my husband brought it in today from the mail. I had a dream about it and when I woke up it was right before my eyes. I was so excited. this was a new type of jerky coming and I could hardly wait to try it. I sat up and waited a few minutes as I opened the package so I could take a breath of it because it smelled so good.

have you ever waited for something and could not wait to open it? I do not think I have in a very long time. I do not know why but I have been waiting for this jerky to come and it seemed like forever. After opening it and tasting the first piece I ended up eating more of it. I did not want to share but I did. My husband also ate some and enjoyed it.

The children were not home when I opened it and so when they did get home I gave them some. It was so very good to everyone. The kids keep asking for more because they have come to love it also. I really like the brand and the taste. I am so glad that I can buy it every month. I use to not buy it but every now and then because I could not afford it. Now I can afford it and so I get two bags every month right now. Eventually I will be buying more of it but for now I will stick to what I can afford. if you ant to try it for yourself you can check it out hereĀ

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