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Posted by on 09/01/2014



Would you like to be paid for a variety of things you may already do online. If so this is your lucky day. By signing up with the link below you can be paid in points and start getting you some free stuff. This site will pay you for being an active member. You can earn points by Shopping online and doing some offers. Some offers might be free and some are offers you may have to pay for. Tasks for doing easy things can be very rewarding if you would like to earn points this way. Watching videos can add up many points everyday as well as searching the web for things you need to search for. If you like to play games earn points that way also. You can find free point codes on their Facebook page and use them on their site to get some extra free points. Download their toolbar and stay connected to your points and earn even more daily. They offer some extra bonus points if you make so many points a day. It is all really simple and easy so why not try it. Be paid for using coupons at your favorite stores. I like the idea that I can use coupons and get free points in return to use on free gift cards for me and my family. It does not get any easier than that. Some gift cards you can earn include Wal-Mart, Target and PayPal. There are also so many more to choose from. You can go check them out at the link here You can make 3000 points per person you refer to the site. It is really great to be able to earn free points and redeem them for some very cool rewards. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



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  1. Atlanta

    That sounded nice…sadly they only accept from certain countries right now:(.

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