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Get paid for bubbling

Posted by on 08/01/2014

Have you ever bubbled before? If you have not it is simple and easy. I bubble all of the time now that I have started. You can bubble by going to It is easy to sign up and confirm your email with the email you sign up with. After doing that you are allowed to post 10 bubbles a day. You will need to post your own original stuff or you will lose your account. They do not pay quickly but you get paid like every 30 days as long as you make over 50 dollars.You will need to have a PayPal account to get your money after you cash out. They have rules you must follow. You should always read the rules and regulation before joining or after joining any new site you are not familiar with. You get paid when someone vies your post. They can also like it and you will get paid. Some people can comment. All actions on your bubble will gain you a penny. A penny does add up. I have made like 3.50 in less than 3 days with them. There are many people on the site. You can follow people and they can follow you which can make you more money. You will need to use your 10 bubble posts everyday because they will not keep adding them up. So 10 posts a day for 10 days will mean you should make a ton of money. You can write about anything you want to in your bubble. I find it fun and easy. You can share your work with family and friends by sharing them on your favorite sites like Facebook and twitter. There are also many more to share on. So if you are interested in bubbling and making money click on the link above and get started today all for free.

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  1. Tilman

    I’m also on bubblews. What is you user name so we can connect? Mine is &kontentwriter.

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