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Do you like to write? Get paid for it.

Posted by on 08/01/2014

You can get paid quick for writing about anything you may want to. I love to write and write for different sites. I never write about the same thing on any sites though. I always have something to write about and make money writing on all my sites. If you would like to get paid for writing click on the link and star today Many people write about their life or write about their family. I write about my life mostly. Then I write about making free money. You can get paid to refer others also on the site. You get 25 coins when a new person signs up and checks their email to confirm signup. They do have to write their first article. This should be really easy and simple for them to do. They do have a word minimum but that is not hard to do if you like to write. They do require you to sign up and verify your email. Then you can begin inviting your friends and family as well as others. They do have rules you must follow. If you can’t follow simple rules the site is not for you. You can cash out your coins for real money. You are able to cash out as soon as you make 5.00. You can follow people on the site as well as have people follow you. They will be able to see all of your new posts. You can view other peoples work as well. You can like their work and comment. Others can do this for you as well that is how you make coins and make money. You can make your own polls on the site. Use polls to see others views on things or to ask questions. It all depends on what type of poll question you may have. It all is very simple and easy to do. If you are ready get started today.

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