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Get paid to play

Posted by on 07/29/2014

Do you like free cameras? Do you like free games systems? Do you like to play games? Well if you do then you have found the right places. There are two sites that pay you to play their daily games for free prizes. They are and These sites are so much fun to play on. You get daily pearls for free and can use them to play these fun games. Both of these sites are almost alike but you can play and win on both sites. There are so many different levels to choose from on these sites. Login everyday to claim your free pearls and use them. It is okay if you can’t use them everyday because they will add up for when you have more time to play. After you earn enough money in your piggy bank from playing you can start filling up your prizes meter and win things you want and enjoy like a helicopter or an iPad or a computer. They even have where you can win a car. It is awesome that you can play games and win these great prizes like I do. I love playing everyday when I can but sometimes I can not play and just login and build my points for when I can pay. Once you start playing you will want to come back everyday and play so that you can earn you some free gifts for playing a game you can enjoy. I really like their bonus game that you can pay on their by inviting your friends to join you. So if you are interested in playing these games click on the link above or copy and paste it in your web browser and start playing today. The money in your piggy bank does add up fast when you play their bonus wheel and get matching symbols. It is so easy and fun to do.

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