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Earn points for gift cards

Posted by on 07/24/2014

Have you ever eaten skinny cow products they are so good. You can earn gifts or gift cards for being a member of their site. They pay you for daily activities on their website. After you earn enough points you can cash them out for a gift card or gift in their store. I love skinny products they are so good. If you would like to earn some click the link and sign up I really could not comprehend how easy it was to earn points everyday for doing easy things like watching a video and sharing on social media sites. You can get free coupons for their products as well. You can earn even more points for answering short surveys about their products. I cashed out the first day I signed up. They also have levels where you move up in rank all free. when you move up you get bonus points. They pay you in a week by email when you do redeem your points for a git card. If you get a gift it could take them 4 to 6 weeks to mail it to you. I go with gift cards because they are easier to get and they come a lot faster. It is really nice to know that their are sites out here that pay you to be a member and do simple things. I personally love anything free and I don’t have to pay for it. It helps me and my family get some things we may need now or want in he future. They can pay for school or clothes. I think Skinny cow is one of the few sites that I give mad props to for what they do for their members. So go get you some free stuff for doing something you may enjoy doing. I already do and can’t wait to do more.

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  1. laurie1979

    I can now get the $10 deal but waiting to accumulate the $50 gift card. It would help me and my family out since it doesn’t involve using any of my money to purchase things. So great to get that much points especially since I got started doing the site like less than 4 days ago,

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