Guitars Bridges to use

Since I have a few guitars and I am great at playing I owed it to myself and went and bought me a few saddles. I found at great deal when I searched and found this site that sold them. Sometimes when you own a guitar you want to get a few extra guitar bridges to use on your guitars like me. The one at the link provided below only costs 11.99 to buy it. You also get free shipping and 8 percent cashback when shopping with them. I will continue to use this site for my future guitar bridges if I need or want more which I know I will.  I personally love the sound difference of these compared to others I have used in the past. I have not found any cons to using this on my guitar. I have found many pros to using it. It is great quality and improves the sound.  Its also very easy to use and functional. The Graph Tech TUSQ Acoustic Guitar Saddle – Taylor Compensated 1/8″  Ivory at the link is something to check out and explore. They reviews at the site did help me when choosing which items I wanted to buy as others have used them and had experience with them. So far I am loving them and recommend this site. 

Find a great deal on bridges at the link below:


Acoustic guitar bridge

I hope you found this blog helpful and checkout what I use on my own guitars. I will have more blogs to come in the future on guitars as I love them and using TUSQ. Feel free to leave any comments about what you like about it yourself or why you use them yourself. I am always interested to learn what others think about them and why they use them.

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Guitars are great to play anytime

Growing up I was given the choice of what type of instrument I wanted to play and so I choose guitars. I think that I am pretty good at it.  I have always been a fan of guitars. I have been playing them off and on since I was a child. I personally own 4 guitars right now. I hope to own more as I get older. I am now 31 and still enjoy playing on each one of my guitars. Guitars come in different color choices. There are guitars for everyone and anyone who loves them and likes or wants to play them.  I am so glad that I was able to pick what types I wanted. I took guitar lessons for many years. My son has taken guitar lessons and is a fan of guitars also. I am hoping one day he will be able to play very well after taking lessons. Taking lessons is a great way to learn how to play for beginners or for people who are good already. Lessons are for anyone and everyone who wants to play and learn.  Guitars have been around for a very long time. There are many guitars to checkout at the link provided below.  There is currently a great deal on many different kinds of guitars. I have shopped here for 2 of my guitars and will continue to get me some more from here. I love getting good deals on guitars.

For more information check out the site here at this link.

October Deal on Guitars

This is a great guitar site to use when you are looking to buy for yourself or your loved one. They are great to buy for Christmas, birthday or any occasion you may need a gift for. I really enjoyed sharing all of this information with you I hope you enjoyed reading and check out the site for yourself. 

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Have you ever CrowdTapped for some free prizes every month?

I am a great crowdtapper. I have been doing it for a month now and enjoy it a lot. I earn gift cards for sharing my opinions about brand I use on a daily basis. Join me in making free prizes at Please watch the ad and skip it to get to the site when done. There is over 100,000 in free gift cards given out every month on the site. I was really surprised how easy it was to make some free gift cards. I have been joining discussions about brands I like and talking with others while I get points that are donated to a charity I get to choose and each 100 points gets me an entry to win a free gift card every month. So the more entries I have the more gift cards I can win. You can join twitter parties on there and win additional prizes every month. I have even got to host a party of my own where Sweet’n Low has sent me some great party items and free gift card to buy some things for my party. How awesome is that. So you can try things and get free coupons and so much more by joining in. they have things on there called quick hits in which you would answer multiple choices questions to help you earn more entries for more gift cards and you can come back daily when you have more if you run out. There are so many exciting things to do on the site. the missions and challenges there are easy. you can post pictures and complete missions on the website as well. So what are you waiting for. Start by signing up and trying and earning points to win you some great gift cards from different retailers. They may be many you use or want to try.



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Blogging and being sponsored

Get paid to become a sponsor and blogger. You can blog and create your own websites and have people to pay you to write on your blogs about them. It is so very simple and easy. The best social and blogging site is and the best sponsored site is . You can make money and get paid from both of these sites. Blogging pays quicker than sponsoring in my opinion. You can make a ton of money with both sites. I have made money with both sites and really enjoy it. Both of these are family sites and so you will feel like you are around family. I have met some of the nicest people on both sites. I use both sites now and will continue to use them in the future. You can add friends on both sites which is so cool. They even allow you to write about what you want as long as it is pg-13. These are adult sites but do not have adult rated content. You will need to sign up and confirm your email. Also on the sponsored site and the blogging site you can connect your social media to them. This is the best way to let your friends know about these great opportunities so that they can join you. You can get points for referring your friends on Blogjob. Sverve is a great opportunity for a blogger to gain more experience and more money on top of blogging. So why not click the links and wait for the count down to be over and skip the ad to get to the sites and sign up it is that very simple and easy. I really hop you enjoy both sites and have a great time exploring them. You may also leave me comments and feed back about the sites thanks so much for reading my blog.

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Earn money to live from a game

Market glory is a game just like reality where you can work and be paid real money. You can get paid money and cash out real money. Anyone from anywhere can play and get paid. You can sign up and confirm your email. After doing that you can explore the site. It is very confusing at first but if you click on work you will earn your first amount of money and can do this every 24 hours. Here is the link for the site. You may watch the ad and go to the site. You can enjoy the game more buy starting your own business and by doing things in the market. You can buy and sell your referrals. There is so much to the game but you can make a decent living off the site if you know what you are doing. You can vote and run in elections. Everything you can do in real life you can do on the game. The best part is that it is free and you do not have to buy anything to play and earn money. I am going to be playing some in my spare time to make as much as I can with all of my other businesses. It is really hard to work outside your house so why not play a game and earn your money. You can never go wrong for playing a free game and cashing out free money even though you may have to pay taxes on it. You pay taxes in the real world if you work so when you work online you pay taxes. Hey at least you can make money online for free in the end. I have never played a game for real money only played for prizes. So enjoy and thanks for reading.



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Would you like to be paid for a variety of things you may already do online. If so this is your lucky day. By signing up with the link below you can be paid in points and start getting you some free stuff. This site will pay you for being an active member. You can earn points by Shopping online and doing some offers. Some offers might be free and some are offers you may have to pay for. Tasks for doing easy things can be very rewarding if you would like to earn points this way. Watching videos can add up many points everyday as well as searching the web for things you need to search for. If you like to play games earn points that way also. You can find free point codes on their Facebook page and use them on their site to get some extra free points. Download their toolbar and stay connected to your points and earn even more daily. They offer some extra bonus points if you make so many points a day. It is all really simple and easy so why not try it. Be paid for using coupons at your favorite stores. I like the idea that I can use coupons and get free points in return to use on free gift cards for me and my family. It does not get any easier than that. Some gift cards you can earn include Wal-Mart, Target and PayPal. There are also so many more to choose from. You can go check them out at the link here You can make 3000 points per person you refer to the site. It is really great to be able to earn free points and redeem them for some very cool rewards. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



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Paid to post things


Have you ever wanted to get paid to post things? Well I did and I know do. Do you need some help advertising your website or blogs? You can do both things at this link I Love being paid to post on Facebook and Twitter for businesses that need my help. I also get paid to refer new members or advertisers. You can also do these things too. It is very easy to sign up and start making money. After signing up you will need to add many things to your profile. Some things include your social networks and a profile picture. You can then go bid on jobs that have been created or start advertising your business. It is free to send in 3 bids a day. If you pay a dollar a month you can submit as many as you want which can make you even more money. They also offer plans for business owners who want to spread their business around the web. I think this a very good site to make money or use to help get new people to sign up for your business. You will earn a commission from people who sign up under you with your refer link. If you have many Facebook and Twitter fans this is a great way to get you some more people signed up under you. So why not sign up today and try it for yourself. I have already and am enjoying making my own money. It is so easy and simple to do. This site is for both Creators and Advertisers. There are many name brand advertisers on this site and all of the jobs pay a reasonable amount. You can bid on jobs and ask for 1.00 or more per offer you want to take from an advertiser. I am not to sure on how Advertising works but I think it is just as great.



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This is a very awesome site. Do you have links to any site? Do you use links in your blogs? If you do click here This website will pay you to shorten your links and place them on your website. When someone clicks on the link you will be paid. They watch a short ad and then are redirected to the actual site of your link. It is really neat because you make a penny every two times someone clicks on your link. You can also do many other things on here that will make you money. You can shorten video links and movie links. So many things you can shrink it is not even funny. It is so very easy to use if you like to make money. Having owned three websites now I get tons of people clicking on my links. They pay you once a month at first and once you meet some goals on the site you can be paid daily if you have over 5.00 in your account. Sounds easy doesn’t it. That is not the best part of it though. if you refer someone to the site using your refer link in which you can shrink also then you will make money from others who sign up. It is pretty much like MLM which is Multi level marketing. I have found many great sites to share with you. All’s you have to do is take the chance and starting earning yourself some free money now. Everyone posts videos to twitter or Facebook. I know I do and if your Facebook or twitter friends click then you will be paid. It doesn’t get any easier than that. I hope you have a great day and I hope you sign and make you some money. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a great opportunity.

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Bitcoin Wallet and Free Bitcoins

Do you have a bitcoin wallet? I have one it is just amazing. I use it to buy and sell bitcoins. they are worth so much money and it is so worth it. If you sign up for a bitcoin wallet it is a bank. You can store your bitcoins there until you are ready to sell them and make tons of money from them. If you would like one sign up here I make free bitcoins every hour free. There are many ways to make free bitcoins online. Here is the link that will pay you free bitcoin every hour of the day. If you sign up with them you play a number game and will an amount of bitcoin every hour. You can also check out a tab that will multiply your bitcoins. Once you earn over an amount of bitcoins you can have them transferred to your bit coin wallet. Once you have enough in your wallet alls you have to do is sell them and you can make tons of money. I am talking about hundreds of dollars per bit coin. I am very serious about this, You can check it out yourself on the bit coin wallet page. It is just like real cash money and you can have it deposited to your bank account so that you can spend it on what ever you like to. This is all so sweet. I love-making free money everyday all day and it is so worth it. I am making bit coins free every hour how about you? You can earn by referring others to both sites as well. It is so simple to invite friends and family. You can be paid weekly or every few days also. You can earn even more that way. So what are you waiting for go have fun and make you some money.

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Purell program free Amazon gift cards and more

With this program you can enjoy some free gift cards or some free gifts all simple and easy. It is very easy to sign up and get started. You can click on this link here By becoming a member you can get great discounts and points which can be redeemed for things like Amazon gift cards or coupons to buy Purell products. You get points for referring others. You can get up to 5000 a month so you can redeem in two months for a 5.00 prize. Once you have signed up you can start earning more points by visiting links, watching videos and liking Facebook. You also get points to visit Facebook and tweet messages with Twitter. I have cashed out quite a few times and love the Amazon gift cards because I can buy anything I like with them. It is really nice that there are reward programs like these out there. It does take two months but hey who makes 5.00 free every two months. I do and I think it is great because it gives me a little extra money to buy some great things for me and my family with. Five dollars are not much but it sure does help buy something you may need or want. You can never go wrong with free money. You can log in everyday until you hit 5000 points for the month and do this every month. It is best to save it to your favorites or book marks tab. I find that very easy to do as well. I can find the link easy and get to the site with no problems when I need too. So if you are interested sign up at the link above and start earning you some great gifts. You can’t go wrong with this site. it is totally worth it in my opinion.

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