Why Trust Matters in Every Relationship

Why Trust Matters in Every Relationship
Trust is one of the key ingredients for a relationship to work. Without trust, a relationship can obviously fail and can, of course, lead to broken hearts. For some people, trusting comes so easy. However, others find it really hard to trust even though they are already in a relationship with someone.

Well, we can’t blame people if they find it hard to give their full trust to someone. There could be a lot of reasons why and maybe it has something to do more about their past experiences in life.

Actually, I hate myself. I hate myself for always having doubts about my partner knowing that she already gave her full trust to me. I feel so unfair. I am so biased. She doesn’t know anything about my trust issues with her. And I know it is something that is not right in a relationship.

I love her so much but because of my lack of trust to her, I can’t stop overthinking and having those paranoid thoughts. I realized it’s damaging me. Not just me but our relationship is at stake here.

I want to change. If she can trust me that easily, then why it would be hard for me to do the same? I think it’s a matter of reassuring yourself that your partner loves you as how you do.

Why trust matters in a relationship?

It matters so much because giving trust with each other is building the foundation of a strong relationship. With trust, every negative thought that might come is nothing and ignored.

It’s Weird How Good Dreams Can Make Us Feel Sad


Each night, whenever I go to bed for a good night sleep, I wish to dream about the things I’ve been wanting to feel. At least in a dream, things could happen and how I wish we can control what we can dream about. Maybe if we can control the things we dreamed about, I guess everyone will wake up lighthearted.

The poor may dream about in their sleep having a good life, nothing to worry about what’s going to be served on the dinner table. But comes with that, as soon as the poor wakes up from his sleep, from his good dreams, it was just all a good dream and he has to accept again the fact of the reality. And it’s up to him how he’s going to make a change.

That’s what I love about dreaming, it can cause and feel us so much happiness. But sometimes that happiness is just for a second and it’s time for us again to face the real things. It is just weird how good dreams can make us feel sad as soon as we wake up from it. It is just so weird how we are so attached to it and feel something deep inside even if it’s just a dream.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of things online. I read things about relationships, self-improvements, and more. Then I came across to something. It said that dreams are things we wished to actually happen in the reality. I assessed myself and recalled all the things I’ve dreamed about these past few days. I am missing someone so bad and that person has been always in my dream. I’m dreaming things we could be doing if we’re together right now. Then as soon as I wake up from my sleep, I felt so sad. Yep, I was happy seconds ago then moments later I feel like I’m going to be sad forever.

To end this in a positive tone:

When we dream about a person, for like most oftentimes, I think it just shows how deeply we want to be with that person because he or she might be very special to us. We dreamed of them because all along they are inside on our minds and can’t stop thinking about them. Maybe they’re just far away from us for the meantime and that is something that’s making us feel sad. As for me, I’m feeling sad as I’m missing that person so much, so I’m gonna make myself happy and give that person a call.

But we also have to understand that not all dreams have special meanings. And like the poor person I mentioned about, it’s all up to us how we’re going to live as soon as we finished dreaming.

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Thoughts That Can Ruin a Relationship

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit of paranoid AGAIN for like a thousand time. And I just hate myself for thinking a lot of negativities in my relationship with someone. I mean, I just can’t avoid it and I don’t understand why. Bad thoughts or negativities or whatever you call it, it is something that can surely destroy a good relationship.

Negativity is the most powerful thought magnet in the universe.

~ positivebutterflies.com

Comes with the negative thoughts or paranoia thoughts that are currently surging my mind every now and then, I am doing my best to steer away from that side and change myself for the better.

We have to understand that negativity kills a relationship. It is something that ends most of the relationships out there. When you truly trust your partner, you’ll have no worries about anything because you simply trust them for almost everything. Negativity often occurs because of the lack of trust to your partner.

Below I have listed some things or thoughts that I experienced myself and at the same time something I know that can ruin a relationship:

#1 “There could be someone else than me”.

I just hate myself that I always think that my partner has someone else than me. Sometimes we just can’t avoid those thoughts that maybe they’re cheating on us. There’s a difference between “mere or out of nowhere suspicion” and “getting hard proofed evidence”. 

Out of nowhere, suspicions are most likely caused by the lack of trust to your partner. For example, you checked his/her Facebook and saw he/she is in a picture with someone else, then you already made a judgment that there’s something going on between them. Maybe they are just good old friends? You also have to understand that they have a life before they met you. Don’t jump to conclusions. There’s nothing wrong about asking first in a good tone.

Until you don’t have enough  and reasonable evidence that your partner is cheating on you, it is just in your mind. You are just paranoid and over thinking.

#2 “I’m not good enough”.

No one is ever good enough for someone. No ones perfect and we all have flaws. It’s a matter of acceptance and truly loving each other despite the flaws. If you always think that you’re not good enough to your partner, you’ll have those negative thoughts that he/she might find someone who’s better than you. Remember, negativity kills a relationship. Maybe there’s someone better than you but ignore them. Just be you, continue being you. If someone loves you deeply your enough is so enough for them.
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Possible Reasons Why You Overthink in a Relationship


It is normal in every relationship to feel a lot of uncertainties. Maybe during the first weeks and months of the relationship, you may have that thought of there will be no bad circumstances that can happen as everything feels so happy, light and still has a lot of butterflies in your stomach. But as soon as you reach the next months of your relationship, you get to know more each other about almost everything. Comes with that openness and closeness with each other are also the things that can’t be avoided in every relationship. There’ll be arguments, fights, and those thoughts of negativity.

Most of the arguments and fights in a relationship are brought by thoughts of negativity or someone in a relationship might be stressing themselves due to overthinking.

Overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness.

Possible reason why we overthink in a relationship:

#1 Lack of Trust

Lack of trust is the biggest reason why some people inside a relationship overthink too much. Some people overthink a situation or a scenario that might be impossible to happen at the moment. The reason? Lack of trust to their partner. If you don’t trust your partner in everything they do in their life, you’ll always think they’re doing something that is not good. Without trust, a relationship has a big chance of being a failure.  

#2 Things you might have done in the past

One of the reasons why some people overthink is because of the things they might have already done in the past especially those, not ideal things. They are afraid of their own ghost thinking that their present partners might do the same. Again, trust is an issue here having doubts with your partner.

#3 We love them so much

Some overthinking acts can be good (mild worries) or bad depending on how people in the relationship perceive it. But mostly overthinking kills so still, it’s a bad thing. Sometimes we just can’t avoid overthinking because we love them so much and we’re just afraid to lose them.

In every relationship to work and to be healthy, TRUST is a big word each person inside a relationship should always consider understanding. Without trust, a relationship can’t be called a relationship. It’s all about surrendering yourself to your partner.

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Seeking God in Your Worst


Lately, these last couple of days, I’ve been feeling so empty. I am emotional, I’m in deep sadness. I feel like everything’s about to entirely collapse in my life. I already want to give up as I feel like there’s no point of living this life I have.

I asked myself. I asked God.

Why on Earth I have to feel this way? If it’s love then why I need to feel pain and be hurt for each second of my life. I hate the feeling. It’s a searing pain that is killing me slowly. I wish I could die for at least a day only. I wish to die for a day, I said to myself. I can’t hold it anymore, the weight of the pain in my chest. But feeling that, I feel like I already died a thousand times. I feel hopeless.

It is just then I realized, God is just always with me. He is always with us. We just have to call Him. So then, I did.

A friend told me. Don’t ask God “why” but instead, ask God “how”. I feel so stressed to think what’s the meaning behind what my friend had told me. But out of nowhere I just asked God to help and guide me.

Then the next question I see myself asking God is, “How can I be happy with this so much pain and sadness I’m feeling?”

Sometimes, it is also us who knows the answer to our questions. We might not hear God talking one on one with us, but I’m sure He’s with us somewhere.

If there are reasons to be sad I think there are also a lot of reasons to be happy as well. We just have to choose happiness and believe that everything’s going to be great again.

Just Thoughts

After some few thinkings or maybe just a matter of some days, I have decided to make another blog site which will be focusing more on the wandering of life.

I always love to wander about just everything. Most of the time, I just see myself afloat in mind on my favorite couch in the porch area of our home. I think a lot of things. I am not just thinking but sometimes I try to see them in a different perspective. That’s the reason why sometimes, I feel like I want to be a philosopher. Though honestly, I think we are all philosophers sharing ideas or thoughts to everyone we meet in this life.

Just Thoughts…

Thought comes from the ever curious human mind. We all have a lot of thought on each of our minds every day. It is something that can’t be avoided as most of the time it just comes naturally to each of us. Our mind is our greatest weapon, it the best tool out there, it’s the best thing that has to happen to us, humans. It’s so great that what we can visualize in our minds as thoughts can surely happen if we only have the will to make it happen. And I know a lot of us have that will, have that courage to pursue whatever thought comes in. However, there are those people who’re having trouble coping up. And that’s one of the reasons why I created this blog, Just Thoughts.
I have a great mind, we all have. So to express everything that comes inside my mind, I would share everything. I am not a good writer or a blogger, let me be known just a friend writing on a blog sharing things in life in a viewpoint of an ordinary teen.
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